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Acquired Savant Syndrome: Meet an Accidental Genius


An accident unlocked Jason Padgett’s mathematical and artistic potential, making him one of only 40 people in the world with Acquired Savant Syndrome. Jason Padgett, who has acquired savant syndrome, says he wouldn’t change any of the pain he underwent after being beaten, as he now sees the world in an overlay of geometric fractals that he believes hold answers to some of life’s biggest questions. With the popularity of shows like The OA, The 4400 and Second Chance, questions about the human brain’s hidden abilities surface, leaving many of us to wonder what price we’d pay to unlock hidden neurological gems. Though these shows are fictional, the brain science behind some of them is not. And there are real-life people to prove it. Jason Padgett with his Wave Particle Duality in background. For Jason Padgett, a man living with Acquired Savant Syndrome after a violent mugging in 2002 in Tacoma,        …read more

New York Fashion Week with Katie Gallagher and studioSPACE

fashion week

Escape into Fashion Week with Katie Gallagher’s ‘Hallow’ collection and an immersive design experience by studioSPACE. The night of February 9 was the run of Katie Gallagher’s 16th line, Hallow, an event in collaboration with a burgeoning local design company called studioSPACE. As a writer for Crixeo based in New York City, I took the journey to Projective Space to cover my first-ever fashion show for my first-ever New York Fashion Week. What I knew about the work of Rhode Island School of Design graduate Katie Gallagher was that it uses textural and color contrasts, tends toward strong shapes and incorporates a good amount of sheer fabric. studioSPACE, on the other hand, was new to me. The design team promised a supremely different space, art installations to parallel Katie’s work and projections to accompany the fashion show. A supremely different space it was. The studio tucked into a small nook of Chinatown,        …read more

Nintendo Switch: The Video Game Revolution

Nintendo Switch

On March 3, Nintendo Switch will usher in a new era of possibilities for video games by switching up the way we play. When Nintendo first revealed its latest video game system in October, many were dismayed by its bland name: the Nintendo Switch. Sure, the trailer showed off that the system would act as both a home console and a portable unit — hence the “Switch” — but the name seemed too benign, too literal for a company that has prided itself on bucking industry conventions. Nintendo went beyond a mere teaser trailer three months later, offering an in-depth look at the Nintendo Switch. Right then it became clear the system was fittingly named not only for its variety of different modes of play but for its potential to change the way we see and interact with video games. Let’s switch up our perceptions on what a piece        …read more

Untangling the Truth in 'The OA'

the OA

Can you tell reality from delusion? Netflix’s hit show 'The OA' leaves us guessing. Do you believe in angels? Responses might range from chortling to reverent: the curt no, the exuberant yes and the protracted maybe. But chances are, most have asked themselves this question before. Would you believe someone who told you they’re an angel? This is the kind of question to ask at a party if you’re wondering which guest is the most uncomfortable with answerless questions. The nos have it easy: “No, I don’t believe in angels; therefore, no, I wouldn’t believe you were one.” The yeses are stumped: “Technically it would be possible, but I don’t expect angels to introduce themselves.” The maybes snuck out while you weren’t looking. Expect them to decline any future invitations. Netflix Spoilers ahead! When it was revealed that the title of Netflix’s new show The OA meant ‘the Original Angel,’ I        …read more

Ben Thomas Turns His Latest Album into Opportunities

latest album

When Ben Thomas produced his latest album, ‘Bring Forth,’ he didn’t know it would lead him here. In the middle of creating his latest album of repurposed hymns, Ben Thomas had a revelation: art is inside everyone and, given the proper tools, everyone can create it. For a man whose entire career had led to this moment, it meant changing direction entirely to help others let their inner artist escape. “What if I could create some sort of space that could empower other people to create?” Thomas asked himself. “What if I could curate or create a space that would be focused on songs or recording but, at its core, focused on this act of creating?” So he did. Ben Thomas performs. But to understand Thomas’ thinking, you’ll have to go back to a time long before he was repurposing hymns for his latest album. Due to his father’s job,        …read more

Josefina Guerrero: Leper, Leader, Soldier, Spy


When life gives you leprosy… #BygoneBadassBroads is a weekly Twitter series run by author, feminist and history nerd Mackenzi Lee (@themackenzilee). Motivated by a desire to counteract the misuse of the term “historical accuracy” to exclude women and minorities, Mackenzi takes to Twitter each Friday at 1 p.m. EST to tell the life story of a forgotten badass lady from history in 140-character bites. The series has garnered millions of hits, been picked up by multiple news sites, and in 2018 the compiled essays will be published by Abrams Books. We asked her to share an exclusive #BygoneBadassBroads story with our readers. Get ready to meet a Filipina you probably never heard of who changed the course of history. It was 1941, and Josefina Guerrero was having a really sucky year. Until then, Josefina — or “Joey,” as she came to be known — had a pretty swell life. Born in 1917, she grew        …read more

8 Can’t-Miss Events at SXSW 2017

SXSW 2017

From keynote speakers to live music, here are 8 highlights to add to your SXSW 2017 lineup. When someone tells you they’ll be at SXSW 2017, a fair question to ask is “Which one?” The gargantuan festival, which overtakes seemingly the entire city of Austin (or, at least, the area surrounding downtown) for 10 days in March, isn’t just one thing. It started as a music festival, but that hasn’t been its primary identity in at least a decade. It’s a tech conference famous for helping launch Twitter and FourSquare, but “tech” barely encompasses an event that’s been known to feature keynote sessions from, say, Barack and Michelle Obama. There’s a world-class film festival as part of SXSW, but when you’ve got all the other stuff going on, a major film festival is almost an afterthought. The comedy portion of the festival pulls headliners like Amy Schumer, Seth Meyers and more.        …read more

Mad Science for Singles: Roast Beef Recipe

roast beef recipe

This roast beef recipe is ready in under 60 minutes! Welcome back to my lab, where I’ve been busy experimenting with recipes for singles. This month I’ve created a delicious, satisfying roast beef recipe with carrots, potatoes, onions and a pretty darn sexy gravy. And it’s ready in less than an hour! If you’re single now, you won’t be for long! Let’s get started. Roast Beef Recipe Quick and easy but oh so delicious 1 1/2 pounds roast (bottom round, tri-tip, whatever) Approximately 4 carrots 1 potato 1 onion Heaping tablespoon stone-ground mustard Splash (or splashes) of brandy 1 cup or so of beef stock 1/4 cup or so of heavy cream Salt and pepper Garlic powder Onion powder Olive oil Preheat oven to 425º. Cut carrots and potatoes into bite-sized pieces. Not too small. Slice onion. Parboil carrots and potatoes for 5 minutes. Arrange onions in roasting pan, making        …read more

10 Things No One Tells You about Going Vegan

going vegan

Going vegan can be a daunting prospect — unless you know these 10 secrets. If you’re thinking of going vegan but don’t know if you’re up to the task, here are 10 things you should know. 1. You don’t love the meat. You love the sauce. Homemade butternut squash ravioli ready for red sauce. Photo + food by the author. Once upon a time my partner ate meat, and boy did he love the pork in his dad’s black bean sauce. He was so, so sad that he would never get to taste it again upon going vegan. Then he visited Grasshopper in Boston and tried the tofu in black bean sauce. Holy god, did he stop missing pork. Simply put: he loved his dad’s dish because of the delicious, specific sauce, not the protein it was coating. So many meals we adore contain unnecessary animal products. We associate meat with countless        …read more

Ask Dr. McKinley: How Can I Overcome Worry and Insomnia?


Dr. McKinley suggests three sources of energy to draw from when you’re emotionally drained and suffering from insomnia. Dear Dr. McKinley, I am a 43-year-old woman. My fiancé and I broke up two years ago, and I’m still having a hard time getting out of bed. I recently got a promotion at work and if it weren’t for Adderall I’m not sure that would have occurred. However, I have developed a bit of insomnia. For the past two weeks I’ve been getting off work about 1 a.m. I get home and cry for hours sometimes. My face is starting to age and I’m suddenly very aware of my age and that I don’t have much time left on this earth. I worry about my children all day long and my nighttime is usually reserved for overthinking and overanalyzing everything. I’ve never been unhappier in my entire life. I can’t sleep.        …read more