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Ask Dr. McKinley: I’m 42 and Feel 12 around My Parents

Psychologist Doug McKinley shares 3 principles of living authentically as an adult when it seems like your parents don’t want you to grow up. Dear Dr. McKinley, I think my upbringing was so focused with religion and discipline that I can’t deal with life. I’m 42 and I feel 12. When I’m around my parents, I feel small and powerless. I lie about my beliefs and hide my life from them. I’m exhausted and afraid! I’ve        …read more


Ask Dr. McKinley: How Can We Prove Our Acceptance of Our Gay Son?

A mom asks how to repair the rift between her husband and their son. Dear Dr. McKinley, Our son, who’s in his midtwenties, came out about five years ago. My husband has tried to accept every part of his life. Things had been going well until recently, when we went for a visit. Our son has a new boyfriend. They’re very physical with one another. We went to dinner, just the three of us. Our        …read more


We Aren’t Clowning Around about Coulrophobia

No joke: lots of people suffer from coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. The same characters we call clowns, who are meant to entertain and make us laugh, surprisingly are the object of a phobia known as coulrophobia. No joke: thousands of humans are afraid of clowns. Let’s break it down. When there is persistent, irrational, intense fear of a specific activity, situation or object, such as clowns, it is labeled a “specific phobia.” Psychologists classify these, under a        …read more