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forced representation

Can We Talk about Forced Representation?

Representation matters, so it has to be handled well. Any proper geek will tell you that right now, popular and indie media have just started to enter some kind of age of enlightenment when it comes to representation. It’s been a real struggle from the beginning to see comics, movies, television and video games show an accurate, diverse number of represented characters. And it looks like the reign of the Straight White Male Protagonist finally        …read more

female superhero

We Need a Female Superhero Movie Now More Than Ever

And Marvel, get your head outta your ass, please. Like plenty of comic book fans, I am an opinionated, stubborn individual, and I have a very set idea in mind of what I want from geek media. So when I say a female superhero movie, I don’t mean I want any female superhero on-screen being featured. I mean Captain Marvel, and at this point I am not going to take a substitute. Brie Larson as        …read more

Stranger Things

‘Stranger Things’ Signals the End of Network Television

‘Stranger Things’ is a new kind of entertainment for a smarter audience. Amaris, my best friend and roommate, is the authority on new indie sci-fi / horror / supernatural media. She binge watches instead of sleeping more often than she’ll admit. So when Stranger Things dropped on Netflix she was already cornering me with “No, Rosey, you absolutely need to see this.” Now this was before the social media explosion the show created (the Barb-pocalypse,        …read more