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Ed and Lorraine Warren and ‘The Conjuring’ of Legends

Exploring the incantations of Ed and Lorraine Warren. When we think of theatre, most of us picture a stage, complete with curtains, bright lights and an eager audience carefully positioned behind a “fourth wall.” We think of actors, writers and directors, all guiding a nightly performance of an indefinite run. But what if those barriers no longer existed? What if your home became the stage? After all, is there anywhere more private or intimate than your home? Your child’s room? Your bed? Our houses seem to exist on another plane of the imagination. They breathe, creak, crack and whistle. Some even have faces with menacing windows as eyes. “If only these walls could talk,” we say; but do we really want to know? Could there be ghosts? Evil spirits? Something we cannot see? Do such things even exist, or is it all in our minds? No one understood these questions better than Ed and        …read more

A 360° View of the Reality of Wrestling

On Saturday, May 14, 2016, at the World Gym Arena in Texas City, Texas, the stars of the Reality of Wrestling (ROW) made history. Working with the talented crew of Diamondview Studios, the 360° Crixeo Camera captured all the hard-hitting entertainment of the epic Fatal 4-Way match between Terrale Tempo, Mysterious Q, Bryan Keith and champion Rex Andrews for the ROW Television title. For the first time ever, you can feel, hear and see all of the incredible action from right in the center of the ring as these four gladiators put it all on the line for the gold. So buckle in and get ready to watch the Reality of Wrestling the way you want to see it! Just tilt your phone or tablet in any direction as the video is playing to change the camera view and follow your favorite wrestler on their quest for glory. And don’t        …read more

How to Make Art and Alienate Everyone: The Life of Kanye

Yeezy Yeezus

Kanye is both product and critic of our time. Pulling off the I-405 N and dipping down into Westwood where we’re staying for the weekend, I look up through the evening sky at the Hollywood sign and think about our messiah sitting up there, watching over us. Kimye’s home is located in Hidden Hills, a gated community in the San Fernando Valley. Its celebrity residents provide the ideal context for the century’s poster-child celebrity couple, and its altitude and longitude situate Kanye West perfectly above and apart from an adoring, or frowning, world. Even though I can’t see him, I feel his presence. Kanye is an example of all that is problematic and yet necessary in contemporary art. Sure, he is a product of our individualistic society and a proprietor of the cult of celebrity, but he is also their victim and critic. With The Life of Pablo aftermath well under way,        …read more

Meet Jody Steel, Master of Body Paint Art


With body paint art and a camera, she draws in millions of views. Every time Jody Steel doodles, she creates a time-lapse video of her work and pops it onto Facebook. She typically gets about 20,000 likes from her 2.7 million Facebook fans. These aren’t your typical doodles. The 22-year-old artist hailing from Hollywood, Florida, who now resides in Hollywood, California, draws on people, though she’s not a tattoo artist. Steel has hundreds of markers and hundreds of pens, and she uses these plus body paint art (the body paint is reserved for faces) — to create 3D pictures of anything from Thor to an ice queen, using the human body as her canvas. The average drawing takes Steel 40 minutes to do but can take as short as 20 minutes or, for a detailed drawing like the one she did of the Sistine Chapel, as long as 80 minutes. https://youtu.be/46i7d52QzcI Steel has become an internet sensation,        …read more

The Fashion Industry Is on the Cusp of a Major Evolution

body shaming

Get ready for a more diverse, ethical, eco-friendly fashion industry. If you could change one thing about the fashion industry, what would it be? Reasonable answers to that question range from making fashion more environmentally friendly to allowing for more inclusion of diversity in terms of sizing or ethnicity. One answer that doesn’t make sense, however, is “nothing.” Whether you work in the fashion industry, simply enjoy shopping and reading fashion blogs, or barely even shop at all, the fact is that the fashion industry affects all of us in many ways. It is almost impossible to disengage oneself completely from the fashion industry, which is why it’s vital for everyone to be aware of aspects of the industry that are at best archaic and at worst unethical. Happily, there has been a stirring of awareness of late. Brands and individuals have been trying to figure out how a love for        …read more

The Newborn Identity of Booker T

Booker T

In the first of a six-part series examining the private life of the wrestling star, Booker T reflects on getting a second chance at fatherhood. My daughter likes to tell a story. It’s the fall of 2010 and my wife, Sharmell, and I had just brought her and her twin brother home from the hospital: Kennedy Rose Huffman and Kendrick James Huffman, two perfectly healthy newborns who were determined to make sure their parents didn’t get a wink of sleep. For me, that was an easy price to pay. Between stints in the WWE, WCW and TNA, I became a six-time world champion in professional wrestling. Those belts might be part of the entertainment we created, but the work was real enough. You get used to hitting the road for long stretches at a time and make your peace with uncomfortable beds and new time zones. It was good training for        …read more

Mad Science for Singles: Bring on the Chocolate Ice Cream Flavors

I scream, you scream, we all scream for chocolate ice cream flavors! Welcome back to the lab! I’ve been busy conducting experiments, and this French chocolate silk ice cream recipe is going to make your day. It is so simple, and no special ice-cream-making equipment is required. Get creative with mad science ingredients for a variety of ice cream flavors. Take this recipe from basic to brilliant with your own mad science. Enough with the small talk. We have ice cream flavors to create! Muahaha. French Chocolate Silk Ice Cream A simple, sweet concoction ¼ cup sugar 1/3 cup water 6 ounces semisweet chocolate, chopped 3 egg yolks 1 ½ cup whipped cream Combine sugar and water. Boil for 3 minutes, creating a simple syrup. Chop chocolate in blender or food processor. Add hot simple syrup. Blend until smooth. Cool a little. Add egg yolks, blending after each one. Put the mixer in a        …read more

7 Online Comics That Have Nothing to Do with Superheroes (NSFW)

Check out these online comics to find your next favorite! Rather than read the traditional Spider-Man, Avengers or X-Men comic books as a child, I spent my pocket money buying comic books that I liked — ones that focused on everyday life, crime drama or high school love triangles (if we’re talking about Riverdale, I’m Team Betty all the way). Due to my lack of love for men in costumes shooting laser beams out of their eyes, it took me years to be able to proudly call myself a comics fan while being able to fight off the judgment from the DC/Marvel superhero purists. However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that comics are such a complex art form that there truly are comics out there for anybody’s interests. Superheroes aren’t for everyone — but comics can be! I follow several online comics, mostly about or written by women or genderqueer folks, that        …read more

‘Temple of Art’ — Get Ready for One of the Most Inspiring Documentary Films about Art

Among documentary films, this is the one we can’t wait to get our hands on. Barron Storey, an artist featured in one of the most anticipated documentary films, is addicted to his art. Storey — illustrator, graphic novelist and teacher — is at the top of his game. And yet, he says in a soon-to-be-released documentary, Temple of Art, he sometimes struggles. He must proceed, though, because as an artist, he simply cannot stop. “I am absolutely dedicated and addicted to the artistic process,” he says in the film. “I think it serves all of humanity, don’t you? Proceeding, that’s the thing to do, no matter what.” Quartet for the End of Time, Barron Storey Storey’s verbalization of his emotions, which sway easily between failure, addiction and elation, are familiar for many, if not all, artists. The fear, the need and the periods of ecstatic glee. So why do artists do what they do? “We asked        …read more

6 of the Best Samurai Films of All Time

Fans of samurai films, get in here. Looking for the best samurai films? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up six must-see movies for you. Yojimbo (1961) A lone, masterless samurai (played by Toshirô Mifune) wanders the countryside. At each fork in the road, he decides which way to go by throwing a stick in the air and letting it point him along. He blows into a small village and finds it caught between rival gangs. Instead of just joining one side, he offers to help both — hoping to save the town by playing the gangs against each other. If this premise sounds familiar, it’s because The Road Warrior, A Fistful of Dollars, and Last Man Standing, among others, all use Yojimbo as the basis for their plots. Directed masterfully by Akira Kurosawa, Yojimbo is a must-see among samurai films, as well as the samurai-without-a-name’s further adventures in Yojimbo’s sequel, Sanjuro. Throne        …read more