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6 Scary Video Games That’ll Make You Sleep with the Lights on Forever

scary video games

So much nope to these scary video games. A healthy portion of YouTube — aside from makeup tutorials and cats being startled by cucumbers — is people recording themselves playing scary video games. It's called “Let’s Play.” The most successful YouTuber actually made his fortune this way. There is something appealing about horror movies and horror video games that can’t quite be defined. We just like being scared. And with horror video games, there is no scooting low in your seat and peeking out between your fingers. You have to keep the character moving forward around the next corner. Some horror games remove the ability to fight back, making success attainable only by running away and hiding. These, often, are much scarier for obvious reasons. In this list we’ll have a mix of both as well as a few recommended YouTube clips for each game. Here are six scary video        …read more

‘10 Hairy Legs’ Wrestles Gender Stereotypes

gender stereotypes

This all-male dance troupe is busting gender stereotypes. When Randy James formed his all-male dance troupe in 2012, he wanted to make a company that challenged gender stereotypes and transformed viewers’ perceptions about diversity and the art of live dance. Now in its fourth year of performance, 10 Hairy Legs is accomplishing all James set out to do — and more. An accomplished artistic director, choreographer and dancer, James started 10 Hairy Legs after an all-male duet he choreographed elicited a strong reaction from the audience. The duet, which was inspired by James’s early childhood memories of swinging on a swing set with a neighbor while singing “It’s a Small World After All” encouraged James to think about how young boys are allowed to be gentle, but by the time they become men society demands that they become tough and suppress their feelings. “These young boys that come out of        …read more

Recycled Art: Popular Films You Didn't Realize Were Adaptations of Old Classics

recycled art

From Disney favorites to a Marlon Brando tour de force, did you know these modern masterpieces were recycled art pieces from old classics? Each of these films has recycled art from (in an overblown British accent) canonical texts for a contemporary audience, bringing back from the dead those great books you “read” in school — no thank you, SparkNotes. 1. The Lion King (1994) as Hamlet (1603) Walt Disney Pictures These two pieces hardly need introduction, and perhaps merely mentioning them together will be enough for most readers to see connections. Each follows an estranged son’s efforts to avenge the death of his father, the king, and to confront his murderous uncle who has stolen the throne. The Lion King diverts from the original, however, in that the movie begins with everything pretty chill: Mufasa’s kickin’ it, got a son, babe, wife, etc. Likewise, it ends the same: Simba takes        …read more

10 Underrated (But Perfect!) U.S. Cities for a Destination Wedding

destination wedding

Plan a dream destination wedding in the U.S. According to data compiled by The Wedding Report, the U.S. destination wedding market is currently a $16 billion industry. In fact, an annual 24 percent of couples opt to exchange wedding vows amidst ocean vistas, rugged landscapes, urban skylines and other exotic backdrops — a number that continues to increase throughout 2016. While Hawaii, Las Vegas and Key West boast the trendiest nuptial venues in the United States, lesser-known locales are starting to attract the attention of brides and grooms as well. So, whether your wanderlust takes you to an artsy enclave off the beaten path or leads you barefoot down a pristine coastal bluff, say “I do” to one of these hidden gems that will make your destination wedding an epic journey — not just a destination. 1. Franconia, New Hampshire Photo by Anne Skidmore Photography Tucked away in the craggy        …read more

Ruined Art: The Pros and Cons of Art Restoration

art restoration

An examination of current art restoration controversies. Last year was not kind to ancient art. Along with the destruction of countless villages and towns, Syria was hit by the loss of one of its most treasured cultural monuments after it was taken by the so-called Islamic State. Palmyra, the jewel in the country’s already glittering crown, was seized by ISIS. While the place was already in ruins before the group claimed it as their own, many feared that by being possessed by the group, the site was completely lost to its native heritage. That is, until now. After hitting the headlines as a casualty of the war in Syria, Palmyra became a hot topic in the cultural world and just some months after it was “lost,” groups of art restoration experts were planning its spectacular revival. Not only would the place be brought back to its former glory but, better        …read more

Classic Car Enthusiasts Celebrate History, the Open Road and Community

classic car

Classic car enthusiasts share a unique bond. Over 60 years ago, Bill Waddill took his just-painted flaming-red hot rod and added some weight to the back to meet the race entry rules, and a car went over 200 miles per hour for the first time ever. America’s love of driving and the wide-open road is built on an admiration for well-designed machines and the people who build them. At the end of a tree-lined street in small-town America sits a worn A-frame building. Dennis and Matt Lesky have met there every day for the last 16 years. They first started working together over 30 years ago, when Dennis was polishing a hot rod he’d just built. Two-year-old Matt found an extra cloth to help shine the lacquer, but the bit of turpentine on the cloth rubbed out some of the color. Later Dennis bought Bill Waddill’s famous red hot rod        …read more

In Defense of the Daily Fashion Chameleon

daily fashion

Do you crave daily fashion transformations? There is a very large part of me that admires people who find a distinct sense of style for themselves and stick with it. Steve Jobs famously had an entire wardrobe of identical black turtlenecks and blue jeans because it eliminated the need for one extra decision every morning and freed up his mind for more important things. When you think of classic style icons like Jackie O., Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, it’s easy to picture each of them in a very specific outfit. Tim Mosenfelder / Stringer Even with the rising popularity of fast fashion, which makes it easier than ever to have an entirely new look within five minutes for less than $50, many celebrities today still prefer to stick to a self-imposed uniform. Take musical artist Janelle Monae, for example, who famously sticks to a wardrobe of black and white.        …read more

1979 Iranian Revolution Video Game Immerses Players in History

Iranian Revolution

Revolution games drop players into crises of truly historic proportions. iNK Stories, a New York–based multimedia company, offers an immersive historical experience in the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Video games have the power to transport players to new interactive worlds, and with advances in technology, those worlds are becoming increasingly realistic. The Assassin’s Creed franchise has taken gamers to pivotal points in history; the Call of Duty series has gone into the trenches of a variety of major wars — past, present and possible futures — and many games, including Rockstar’s behemoth Grand Theft Auto and more recently The Division, depict renowned cities in startling detail. Despite the availability and means of portraying well-known places, people and things, rarely does a video game drop players inside historical events — at least not entirely factual incidents. With the constantly proliferating appeal of games in mainstream culture, the experiences they provide could very        …read more

Music Feeds the Soul, but a Unique Day Job Might Pay the Bills

day job

For the love of the art, many musicians balance a day job with side gigs. “The only truth is music,” Jack Kerouac wrote. There may be one other truth: making music doesn’t always pay the bills. Many musicians, artists and writers don’t start out working full-time in their creative fields. It may take years before they can make a living doing what they love, and many are never able to rely solely on income derived from making music. A lot of musicians will take on flexible jobs where they can have time off for out-of-town side gigs or work a day job in an office to have nights and weekends free for rehearsals and shows. Sheryl Crow was a schoolteacher, Kurt Cobain was a janitor, Rod Stewart worked at a cemetery and Brittany Howard worked for the postal service. Many musicians today work in coffee shops, restaurants and bars. For        …read more

VR: openFrameworks Enables a New Dimension in Filmmaking


Meet the openFrameworks programmer and artist bringing VR to live-action filmmaking. James George, the openFrameworks author of DepthKit, had the seeds of art in his mind from childhood. He always had images floating around in his head, but when he put pencil to paper, he couldn’t execute those images properly. It was only when he was 14 and discovered Photoshop that he was finally able to create the art he’d always envisioned. “It was my breakthrough moment,” says George, now 30, speaking from his home in Brooklyn, New York, where he lives with his girlfriend and their cat, Ezmerelda. “For me, tech was always the enabler of my process. It was how I found my voice,” George says. Voyagers. Permanent audio-visual installation designed by The Light Surgeons. At the time, he was living with his parents in Moscow, Idaho, which is along the state’s border with Washington. In his high        …read more