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5 Emmy Winners That Changed TV

Emmy winners

These Emmy winners impacted the TV landscape over the past 20 years. From its black-and-white pixelated origins to the evolution of network primetime to modern digital streaming à la Netflix, television has dominated the entertainment scene for almost a century. This mass media outlet revolutionized how people consume information, engage in popular culture and make sense of the human experience. But while television at large continuously frames our social awareness, certain programs have risen above the mainstream to become global sensations — untouched by shifting decades or wavering trends. As the Emmy Awards approach, let’s reminisce on five small-screen Emmy winners that definitively impacted the TV landscape over these past 20 years. Friends (1994–2004) Warner Bros. Television This seven-time Emmy winner — including the 2002 “Outstanding Comedy Series” recipient — defined an entire generation of twentysomethings on the verge of millennial reform. In the midst of terrorist attacks, Y2K hysteria        …read more

An Open Letter to Chuck Palahniuk

Your books got me through a health crisis and inspired me to follow a dream. Hi, Chuck, When I was 18, I missed an appearance of yours at Spokane’s Auntie’s Bookstore by one day. I had to leave for home for medical reasons. In 2014, I missed your reading at Skidmore. I had plans through Northshire Bookstore to see you in Saratoga, but chemotherapy had drained me of what little energy Crohn’s and the Big C hadn’t already taken. A battery of tests and a few biopsies later, doctors told me I had three years to live. After some hospitalizations and more medications and treatments than I can remember, I sat in Albany Medical Center, Room E516, Bed B, hearing my doctor give me a choice: surgery or three months. I am Jack’s Dustin’s colon… I get cancer, I kill Dustin. Needless to say, I chose surgery. (A total proctocolectomy with        …read more

11 Kickass Subscription Boxes to Feed Every Craving

subscription boxes

Satisfy your subscription addiction with these extraordinary subscription boxes. The world of e-commerce. Vast. Impersonal. Enter subscription boxes. Part shopper paradise. Part surprise. Part community experience. A lot of FOMO. Way too much dry shampoo. Discovery. Curation. The world of subscription boxes meets the world of art with “curators” choosing the next big thing, their most favorite thing. Review sites for subscription boxes began as simple unboxing or review venues. Now they drive the market. Liz Cadman of the popular My Subscription Addiction (MSA) describes subscription boxes as letting “consumers discover fun, new products in the convenience of their own homes” with “popular boxes offering great value and a fun/surprise element.” MSA is one of the first and leading review sites for subscription boxes and adds the elements of swaps, discounts and spoilers in forums. Liz takes the addiction side of My Subscription Addiction seriously in describing her “gateway” box:        …read more

What’s with the Rapid Rise of eSports?


eSports viewership outpaces the Super Bowl, NBA Finals and Wimbledon — by a long shot. But why? Soon, average sports fans may become avid fans of what some don’t even acknowledge as a sport: eSports. When it comes to traditional TV sports ratings, the NFL — and specifically the Super Bowl — is unmatched. We saw 111.9 million tune in to watch Peyton Manning ride off into the sunset in Super Bowl 50 earlier this year. More recently, 44 million watched the Cleveland Cavaliers dismantle the Golden State Warriors in game seven of the NBA Finals to bring an elusive championship to the shores of Lake Erie. Even more recently, a combined 13.3 million tuned in to the Wimbledon Singles finals where Serena Williams solidified her spot in history at the top of women’s tennis while Andy Murray laid claim to the elite among Federer, Djkovic and Nadal. Some 13.9        …read more

Photographer Mihaela Noroc Explores the Atlas of Beauty

Mihaela Noroc and the Atlas of Beauty

Mihaela Noroc promotes tolerance by showing the beauty and strength of women across the globe. For Mihaela Noroc, beauty truly can be found everywhere. As a photographer who travels the world in search of women who embody a diverse idea of beauty and strength, Noroc has been taking pictures of women she meets and posting them on her popular website, The Atlas of Beauty, for over three years. The Atlas of Beauty, a constantly growing online photography project, is Noroc’s way of proving her hypothesis that “beauty can make us more tolerant.” “Every day when we watch mass media we see an Atlas of War, Conflicts, and Fear,” Noroc said. “People are fighting just because they are different: because they have a different religion, culture, or race.” Mihaela Noroc hopes that her photographs will show that “diversity is something beautiful and not a reason for conflict.” Anastasia, from Saint Petersburg, Russia,        …read more

How Do Conflict Photographers and Photojournalists Cope with Trauma?


Uncovering the realities of the lives of photojournalists whose lenses capture conflict and tragedy. (Warning: Graphic Images.) A photographer does more than capture images. With their lens, they are to capture truth, tell a story and share a message with the world. However, the message audiences have received have often been the one chosen by the editors that decide to publish them. In some cases, specific photos may be deemed too graphic or violent to merit publication, but that decision rests solely in the hands of the gatekeepers each photographer must contend with. Of course, all publications have different standards as to what those boundaries are. For instance, in 2012, the New York Post chose to publish an image of a 58-year-old man named Ki-Suck Han on their front page. The man had been pushed onto the subway tracks moments before an oncoming train struck and killed him. The photographer who        …read more

Meet 3 Incredible Street Artists Reinventing Detroit (Photos)

street artists

A vibrant downtown and Midtown have made Detroit cool again, but the spotlight belongs to the street artists. If you haven’t heard, the streets of Detroit are changing. And the street artists of the city are playing their part in that evolving narrative. A lot of it has to do with a new mayor, new businesses, new roads, a rediscovery of “cool” — all great possibilities, but you can also look at the city’s art scene. The art scene in Detroit has always been a part of the Motor City’s DNA sequence. Today that connection is more obvious as street artists under 40 remake Detroit in their own image. In places like the Eastern Market (a popular gathering spot for fresh produce and live music) and the Grand River Creative Corridor (GCC) and all around the city, the limitless canvas of buildings is being touched — and retouched — by        …read more

The Cult of the Burning Man Festival

Burning Man Festival

The new (age) consciousness of the Burning Man festival. Fluffy moon boots — check. Ski-goggle sunglasses — check. Viking helmet — check. A cacophony of voices, drums and howling sandstorms — check. Over 70,000 half-naked people dancing around an arid landscape of scorching 110º heat — check. I know what you’re thinking: we’re in Bosch’s hell, right? Nope, just Nevada… Welcome to Black Rock City, home to the one and only Burning Man festival. The Burning Man festival, temporary residence of the enlightened among us (myself included, of course) is, on the surface, a music, arts and performance festival. But it’s actually more than that: it’s an attempt to imagine a social space of coexistence, collaboration and self-expression. From its conception, it has been carried by 10 principles, imagined and defined by its founder, Larry Harvey, that describe what being a “burner” really means. These include things like “Radical Inclusion,”        …read more

Is Intentional Meaning a Requirement of Art?

intentional meaning story

Who assigns meaning to art: the artist or the audience? La Lagunilla is one of the largest and oldest markets in Mexico City and is certainly its most famous. Located just north of the city’s main square, it attracts thousands of tourists each year but remains a market for local people. Principally known for its antiques and counterfeit clothes, La Lagunilla mixes the specialist with the generic. Walking down its hallways of bridal gowns and designer knock-offs, you’ll be stared down by the stoic faces and folded arms of the legions of vendors. Maybe you’ll track down that My Little Pony onesie you wanted, or maybe you’ll find yourself somehow caught in the midst of a bargaining dispute. Folkloric tales of a given item’s history are epically and painstakingly relayed by gesticulating old men in Adidas tracksuits, and no matter how starkly improbable they may sound, you’re always inclined to        …read more