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WWE’s Justin Roberts Takes Us to the 'Best Seat in the House'

Justin Roberts

Former WWE announcer Justin Roberts on his career and his new book, a must-read for wrestling fans. As a boy who was captivated with the art, athleticism and pageantry of pro wrestling, Justin Roberts had a childhood dream to work for the WWE. With no map before him, he tenaciously set out on a journey to make his dream come true. Little did he know when he began that his dream job would be filled with some of the most rewarding moments and relationships of his life, and the most difficult and challenging as well. With the release of his new autobiography, Best Seat in the House: Your Backstage Pass through My WWE Journey, Roberts goes in depth on not just the road he paved to get there but also his incredible 12-year run as one of the top WWE ring announcers of all time. Beginning in 2002 at the start        …read more

10 Greatest April Fools’ Pranks

April Fools pranks

It’d be foolish to forget these legendary April Fools’ pranks. April Fools’ pranks are a tradition around the world, in various forms. The French have Poisson d’Avril (Day of the Fish), when young people will stick a paper fish on the back of the unsuspecting. Brazilians have Dia da mentira (Day of the Lie), which warrants less explanation. And we, of course, have April Fools’ Day. The origins of April Fools’ Day are less certain than the premise: playing tricks and pranks. Speculated sources range from as far and wide as Geoffrey Chaucer’s 14th story collection, The Canterbury Tales, to changes in the old Roman calendar, whose new year was celebrated around April 1, close to the spring equinox (a change one would be “foolish” to forget). My favorite origin story is probably the one offered by a professor of history at Boston University, Joseph Boskin, in 1983. He claimed        …read more

Temple Grandin’s Advice to Artists with Autism

Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin, a leading autism expert, lends insight to artists on the spectrum. Many articles have detailed Temple Grandin’s astounding accomplishments. There’s even a movie depicting the amazing innovations she’s made in the cattle industry, creating more humane conditions around the United States. As a woman with autism, she found a way to tell cowboys to get on the ground and see from the eyes of a cow. She even helped McDonald’s reach new ethical standards, pushing other mass-meat producers to do the same. Grandin has spent her life turning challenges into opportunities. Although she didn’t speak until the age of three, she eventually mastered methods to forge her own path to success. One such method involved putting herself into a cattle squeeze on her aunt’s ranch. She’d watched rambunctious cows relax as the machine gently hugged them. This led her to develop a squeeze machine for humans. Claire Danes as Temple        …read more

Introducing the Camera-Collar for Pets!


Pet owners review revolutionary PetSnaps Camera-Collar. Ever wish you could ask your kitty where she slopes off to all those weekday afternoons? Or that you could bring your puppy on dinner dates? Ever considered installing a webcam in your living room, just to watch your pet sleep while you’re out? Do you have photos of your pet on your desk, perhaps covering up pics of your vacation with your significant other? Is your pet your significant other? If you answered yes to any of the above, then look no further: the PetSnaps Camera-Collar has swooped in to close the distance between you and your pet. Snapchat has become a regular staple of modern communication. With a few clicks and swipes, you can share stories, video-call your friends and watch live news. Facebook and Instagram had their heyday, and now trends are shifting Snap-ward. When Snapchat originally launched in 2011, it was        …read more

'Breath of the Wild' Reinvents Zelda


Simply put, 'Breath of the Wild' is the best entry in Zelda, the greatest video game franchise of all time. Once more, the newest entry in the Zelda series plays vastly different than every game that came before it. Breath of the Wild reinvents the series, bringing the classic formula into the modern era of video games. That’s not to say there needed to be a shake-up, but that’s what Nintendo has given us, breathing life into its most recognizable intellectual property besides Super Mario. Breath of the Wild is a master class of what an open-world video game can be. That’s impressive in and of itself, because Nintendo hasn’t dabbled in the genre up until this point. The risk of taking the plunge with Zelda has paid off, and then some. On Metacritic, the review aggregator that in some ways defines a game’s legacy, Breath of the Wild has a resounding        …read more

Acquired Savant Syndrome: Meet an Accidental Genius


An accident unlocked Jason Padgett’s mathematical and artistic potential, making him one of only 40 people in the world with Acquired Savant Syndrome. Jason Padgett, who has acquired savant syndrome, says he wouldn’t change any of the pain he underwent after being beaten, as he now sees the world in an overlay of geometric fractals that he believes hold answers to some of life’s biggest questions. With the popularity of shows like The OA, The 4400 and Second Chance, questions about the human brain’s hidden abilities surface, leaving many of us to wonder what price we’d pay to unlock hidden neurological gems. Though these shows are fictional, the brain science behind some of them is not. And there are real-life people to prove it. Jason Padgett with his Wave Particle Duality in background. For Jason Padgett, a man living with Acquired Savant Syndrome after a violent mugging in 2002 in Tacoma,        …read more

New York Fashion Week with Katie Gallagher and studioSPACE

fashion week

Escape into Fashion Week with Katie Gallagher’s ‘Hallow’ collection and an immersive design experience by studioSPACE. The night of February 9 was the run of Katie Gallagher’s 16th line, Hallow, an event in collaboration with a burgeoning local design company called studioSPACE. As a writer for Crixeo based in New York City, I took the journey to Projective Space to cover my first-ever fashion show for my first-ever New York Fashion Week. What I knew about the work of Rhode Island School of Design graduate Katie Gallagher was that it uses textural and color contrasts, tends toward strong shapes and incorporates a good amount of sheer fabric. studioSPACE, on the other hand, was new to me. The design team promised a supremely different space, art installations to parallel Katie’s work and projections to accompany the fashion show. A supremely different space it was. The studio tucked into a small nook of Chinatown,        …read more

Nintendo Switch: The Video Game Revolution

Nintendo Switch

On March 3, Nintendo Switch will usher in a new era of possibilities for video games by switching up the way we play. When Nintendo first revealed its latest video game system in October, many were dismayed by its bland name: the Nintendo Switch. Sure, the trailer showed off that the system would act as both a home console and a portable unit — hence the “Switch” — but the name seemed too benign, too literal for a company that has prided itself on bucking industry conventions. Nintendo went beyond a mere teaser trailer three months later, offering an in-depth look at the Nintendo Switch. Right then it became clear the system was fittingly named not only for its variety of different modes of play but for its potential to change the way we see and interact with video games. Let’s switch up our perceptions on what a piece        …read more

Untangling the Truth in 'The OA'

the OA

Can you tell reality from delusion? Netflix’s hit show 'The OA' leaves us guessing. Do you believe in angels? Responses might range from chortling to reverent: the curt no, the exuberant yes and the protracted maybe. But chances are, most have asked themselves this question before. Would you believe someone who told you they’re an angel? This is the kind of question to ask at a party if you’re wondering which guest is the most uncomfortable with answerless questions. The nos have it easy: “No, I don’t believe in angels; therefore, no, I wouldn’t believe you were one.” The yeses are stumped: “Technically it would be possible, but I don’t expect angels to introduce themselves.” The maybes snuck out while you weren’t looking. Expect them to decline any future invitations. Netflix Spoilers ahead! When it was revealed that the title of Netflix’s new show The OA meant ‘the Original Angel,’ I        …read more

Ben Thomas Turns His Latest Album into Opportunities

latest album

When Ben Thomas produced his latest album, ‘Bring Forth,’ he didn’t know it would lead him here. In the middle of creating his latest album of repurposed hymns, Ben Thomas had a revelation: art is inside everyone and, given the proper tools, everyone can create it. For a man whose entire career had led to this moment, it meant changing direction entirely to help others let their inner artist escape. “What if I could create some sort of space that could empower other people to create?” Thomas asked himself. “What if I could curate or create a space that would be focused on songs or recording but, at its core, focused on this act of creating?” So he did. Ben Thomas performs. But to understand Thomas’ thinking, you’ll have to go back to a time long before he was repurposing hymns for his latest album. Due to his father’s job,        …read more