Yemeni Rebel Missile Strike Hits Saudi Airport

Yemeni Rebel Missile Strike Hits Saudi Airport

At least 26 people of various nationalities have been wounded this Wednesday in an attack by Yemeni Huthi rebels at the Abha airport in southwest Saudi Arabia. According to the military spokesman of the Arab coalition fighting that group, Colonel Turki al Malki, the projectile has hit the arrivals hall.

The rebels reported early in the morning of the launch of a cruise missile, but Al Malki said they were still analyzing the remains to determine their nature.

Among the injured are three women (one Indian, one Yemeni and one Saudi) and two Saudi children. Only eight of those affected have needed a transfer to the hospital. The rest have been treated at the airport, whose facilities have been slightly damaged.

The Abha airfield has international status and connects directly with Cairo (Egypt), Dubai and Sharjah (both in the United Arab Emirates), as well as with several national destinations. A query to the website shows that the incident has not substantially affected the operations.

“The attack shows that the rebels have sophisticated weapons and that the Iranian regime continues to support cross-border terrorism,” the soldier said, according to a statement released by the Joint Command of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen headed by Saudi Arabia. The spokesman has accused the Huthi of “crime against humanity” for intentionally shooting civilians.

The time of the incident provided by Al Malki, shortly after two in the morning, coincides with the Huthi’s announcement that they had fired a cruise missile. The rebels have increased the frequency of their attacks on Saudi Arabia in recent months, amid growing tensions between Iran and the United States.

In mid-May, that group, which seized power in Sana’a at the end of 2014, bombarded two oil pipeline pumping facilities in the center of the Kingdom of the Desert. Since March 2015, Riyadh launched a military campaign to reinstate President Abdrabbo Mansur Hadi in the Yemeni Government.

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