Swiss Team Member is Missing Since Past 2 Days

Swiss Team Member is Missing Since Past 2 Days

On the eve of six decades dedicated to the training of teachers in Colombia, the National Pedagogical University undertook at the end of 2014 the exemplary task of strengthening academic excellence as one of its bastions and institutional commitments.

This was how the quality assurance group, the institutional self-evaluation committee and a team of professors from the different faculties were organized, focused on specifying the institutional self-assessment to obtain high-quality accreditation.

This, added to the judicious compliance with the guidelines of the National Accreditation Council (CNA), allowed to consolidate the self-assessment report that assessed 210 documentary sources, 75 statistical sources, and 68 indicators collected by instruments that accounted for the perception of the university community about the academic and administrative state of the University.

The accreditation represents a recognition of the Colombian State to the Pedagogic’s strengths in the quality of its professors, academic processes, generation of educational knowledge, internationalization, responsible administrative and financial management and adequate physical and technological infrastructure. In addition, it puts forward the permanent challenge of improving quality through monitoring the improvement plan.

The challenge of obtaining better levels of quality constitutes an institutional culture in the Pedagogical that in the last year has been strengthened and has continued with the production of the institutional self-evaluation report to renew the accreditation, which evidences the great advances that the university has had. in the last four years and that make it clear that all the conditions are in place to secure this deserved recognition.

It should be noted that all the undergraduate programs of the University that can be accredited have this high quality recognition. We have the highest-quality Inter-Institutional Doctorate in Education in the country, with a 10-year accreditation. Similarly, 40% of graduate programs have high quality accreditation.

In the Performance Indicators Model of Higher Education (MIDE), Pedagogical in its focus of specialized university, has stood out occupying the first places since the creation of said model (year 2015), and in 2017 it became visible to the occupy the second position in research, third in teaching, and fifth in environment. We were recognized in 2018 on the night of the best as one of the two public universities that has worked the most for inclusion.

The exercise of the UPN in different types of consultancies to public and private institutions is outstanding, reaching a good record in subjects as diverse as important: educational policies, early childhood education, formal education, cultural projects, inclusion, history of conflict, teaching for peace, to highlight the most relevant.

The formation of research groups has grown in recent years, with currently a total of 71 registered groups, of which 49 are categorized before Colciencias and 7 are recognized. This notable increase is relevant in the initial training of teachers, as they approach a context of formative research in which they expand their imaginary about teaching, and contribute to the production of specialized knowledge that allows transforming educational processes in different contexts. and fields of knowledge.

The flexibility, the interdisciplinarity and the integrality are academic characteristics that in the UPN are present in the pedagogical and the didactic and not only make possible the investigation, the production of the knowledge and its diffusion, but they also promote the awareness of the public, the diversity, the identity and development of the nation. One of the derived commitments is to contribute to the formulation and development of public policies in education, but always from the interaction with the communities and society.

At the end of this year the execution of our current development plan called A university committed to training teachers for a Colombia in peace, where institutional self-evaluation was conceived as one of the main activities, we will be ready to continue facing the challenges of the present and the future in terms of educational quality, with commitment and social responsibility.

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