Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu Anchor and Host is Nagarjuna

Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu Anchor and Host is Nagarjuna

Bigg Boss 3 season is about to start soon. It was interesting to see who would be the contenders this season. There have been various promotions about who will host this season. Junior, who played host to the first season, missed the NTR next season.

This is the second season that Natural Star Nani has been hosted. Although he was a little fatigued at the beginning, he later led the show in his own style. This time there was a fierce campaign about who should be the new host in Nani’s place.

Our TV officially announced about the host. Our TV tweeted that who among you will be the host of Nagarjuna who successfully ran the billionaire show this season.

Nagarjuna has been promoting the Big Bass Contenders for a hundred days to go to the market to buy vegetables and chicken eggs. This time I was getting into the field was impressed with the promo even before Bigg Boss started.

Meanwhile, some Kaushal fans have been hulling at the TV5 office in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad to protest some Kaushal Army members who are making baseless allegations against Kaushal and encouraging them. Kaushal is making false allegations.

They tried to get inside the TV5 so that they could have a discussion. However, some fans have been releasing videos calling for Kaushal Fans to come to the TV 5 office on social media as TV5 staff have blocked them. As a whole, the Kaushal army, which until yesterday was seen as the god of the Kaushal army, has become a hot topic in cinema circles.

Bigg Boss 3 is rumored to be launching from July 21st. The show will run for a hundred days and will feature 14 contestants. With the Nagarjuna Apparel as a host on the weekends, the female audience is more likely to connect to the show.

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