7 Extraordinary Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day gifts

Flowers die, chocolates melt. But these 7 unique Valentine’s Day gifts — from tattoos to sexy art kits — will amp up the romance.

For Valentine’s Day you could buy your special someone flowers and chocolate, or you could get creative and give them an artsy gift unlike anything else their friends are posting pictures of on social media. If you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to scour the internet or hit the mall looking for Valentine’s Day gifts,” you’re in luck because I’ve got some great ideas right here — and you don’t have to tell your Valentine how you came up with them. It will be our little secret.

In the spirit of acknowledging that chocolate melts and flowers die (but your love shouldn’t), here are some unique options of Valentine’s Day gifts to give your sweetie.

1. Nothing Says “Be Mine” Like a Tattoo

Valentine's Day gifts“Shut Up and Kiss Me” temporary tattoo / StrayTats

I’m sure you’re aware of the trend in which couples decide to tattoo a ring on their finger instead of going for the gold. A tattoo is a big commitment, and it’s understandable if you’re not quite ready for that. As Johnny Depp demonstrates, no one wants to go from “Winona Forever” to “Wino Forever” — it just doesn’t have the same ring to it. There is an alternative: a customizable temporary tattoo. StrayTats has a large assortment of love-themed temporary tattoos to choose from, and one is bound to fit the mood of your Valentine — you can even create your own design! I’m especially fond of the “shut up and kiss me” and “naughty” options. But if you’re looking to be a bit more romantic, the customizable heart with a ribbon or teddy bear hugging a heart fit the bill nicely. They’re simple yet thoughtful, and they’ll tell your sweetheart that for at least the next two to five days, they’re your one and only.

Valentine's Day giftsHeart with ribbon temporary tattoo / StrayTats

2. Make Fantasies Come True

Valentine's Day giftsPorn for Women / Cambridge Women’s Pornography Collective.

Everyone has romantic fantasies, and Valentine’s Day always seems like the perfect time to act one out. If your Valentine is like oodles of women (and even some men) who dream of coming home to a clean house, where all the dishes are put away, the laundry is neatly folded and floors are vacuumed, Porn for Women just may be the perfect gift. Written by the Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative, with photographs by Susan Anderson, the book is a collection of “steamy” captions accompanied by photos of “hunky men” doing chores. If you want to get even more specific to your Valentine’s fantasy, there’s the Porn for the Working Woman and Porn for New Moms editions. With this gift, you won’t have to scrub the floors to make your Valentine happy; the book pages will do all the dirty work while you reap the benefits.

Valentine's Day giftsPorn for New Moms / Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative.

3. Give ’em Your Heart

Valentine's Day giftsMadame Bricolage anatomical heart print

Did you happen to catch the episode of Preacher where a man literally cuts open his chest to give his mother his heart? I don’t want you to go that far for Valentine’s Day gifts when deciding to give your heart to someone, so here’s a less painful (and non-life-ending) alternative: a red gothic-style anatomical heart print. The one-of-a-kind handmade prints from Madame Bricolage feature a heart printed on genuine antique English dictionary pages. Several sizes are available, depending on just how big of a heart you want to give, and you can choose which dictionary page, and thus which word, you’d like to highlight, to make it a truly memorable token of your desire, love, passion or admiration.

4. Intoxicating Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day giftsWine Box of Soap / Rinse Bath & Body

Chocolate, beer, wine and flowers may be some of your Valentine’s favorite things — and the smell of any of them could give you both a feel-good high. If that’s the case, Rinse Bath & Body Co. in Monroe, Georgia, could be your new favorite thing. The company produces scented soaps that are perfect Valentine’s Day gifts with a twist. Flowers may make a room smell great for a few days, but if you can smell like them every day, that’s so much more enticing. Chocolate likely doesn’t last long in the house, but a bar of chocolate-scented soap will keep on giving (without the calories). As for smelling like beer, I’m a little mixed on the idea — but I have tasted a few Belgium concoctions whose fumes I wouldn’t mind inhaling daily, so there is hope the beer-scented soap is addictive to the senses. Wine-scented soap makes sense, because who doesn’t stick their nose in a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon to savor the aroma? If you use this soap, your loved one may just do the same to every inch of your skin.

5. It’s Raining Romance

Valentine's Day giftsCrimson Heart Umbrella / UncommonGoods

For at least half the world, Valentine’s Day is right smack in the middle of winter, and that means rain and snow could dampen the day and many more to follow. You want your Valentine to stay dry when a storm hits, and they can with a heart-shaped umbrella. This gift shows you care about their well-being and reminds them how much you love them when they’re sloshing through puddles. It also may inspire a romantic dance in the rain, because as Gene Kelly showed us all, umbrellas make the best rain-dancing accessories.

6. Remembering a Special Place

Valentine's Day giftsLongitude and Latitude bracelets / Coordinates

In every relationship there are moments we treasure forever, and the location where they took place becomes unforgettable. Show your special someone on Valentine’s Day that you remember where your first kiss took place, where you said “I love you” for the first time, where you had the best laugh of your life together, or where you shared any other special moment, with longitude/latitude jewelry from Coordinates, Lat & Lo, and/or Pretty Peacock. Available for both men and women, this special wearable memento will keep the coordinates of your memory alive, while demonstrating that you may forget to bring milk home, but you’ll always remember the important stuff.

7. Get Intimately Artistic — Together

Valentine's Day giftsLimited edition ‘Lavender’ Love Is Art kit

Romance is very much an art form; it takes dedication, patience, creativity and stamina. You could buy a plethora of Valentine’s Day gifts that are considered art, or you could make your own together. There’s a famous saying in my family: “May all your ups and downs be under the sheets.” On Valentine’s Day, do your part to keep that saying alive with a Love Is Art kit. The kit includes everything you need to make an abstract painting while being intimate with your partner. That’s right. Things are going to get messy fun this Valentine’s Day if you go this route, but don’t worry: the Love is Art kit includes a plastic tarp to protect from paint splatters. And the paint is formulated organic and nontoxic, so hopefully you won’t have to hit the pharmacy in a panic. When the fun ends, you’ll have a painting to hang on the wall that’s uniquely your own — and it will be your decision whether to tell visitors how it was made. end



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