Sex & the Spotlight: Harvey Weinstein Is Nothing New in Hollywood

Harvey Weinstein

Hollywood has always been built on power and vulnerability, and abusers like Harvey Weinstein have been a mainstay since the days of Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe. At the time of this writing, Harvey Weinstein has been accused by 40 women of sexual misconduct over the course of his career as a producer and distributor of films. While applauded by the industry for his “cultural impact,” few saw it fit to speak up about the decades of abuse, assault and rape that had been going on in their ranks. Yet when news broke of Harvey Weinstein forcefully performing oral sex on one actress and masturbating into a plant while cornering an unsuspecting news anchor, no one seemed the least bit surprised — apart from Harvey’s closest friends. And why is that? Why didn’t anyone speak up sooner? Because this is who Hollywood is, and has been, since the very beginning. Think:        …read more

Stephen King Adaptations: The Best and the Worst

Stephen King movies

This year brings more Stephen King movies and shows than ever before. Which adaptations have been the all-time best and worst? Would you believe me if I told you there have been more adaptations of Stephen King’s stories and novels than King books themselves? It’s true. By the end of 2017, King’s book count — novels, short story collections and nonfiction — will stand at 71. The number of King adaptations — feature films, TV series, miniseries, made-for-TV movies — will reach 93, and two more are currently scheduled to add to that total next year. Adaptations of the iconic novelist’s work have been a part of our culture for almost as long as his books. Carrie, King’s debut novel, was made into a film just two years after its 1974 release. Ever since, Stephen King movies and shows have rolled out almost every year, and quite often more than        …read more

Deckard Is Back...And Other Reasons We’re Stoked for 'Blade Runner 2049'

Blade Runner 2

'Blade Runner 2049,' starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, hits theaters 35 years after the original. Fall 2017 will go down in history as the season that brought us Blade Runner 2049. Thirty-five years since its release, the original movie has finally been granted a sequel. The first Blade Runner is hailed by sci-fi buffs and movie critics alike as undoubtedly one of the most seminal science fiction films produced in the 20th century. “Look at Dark City, Total Recall, Brazil, 12 Monkeys or Gattaca and you will see its progeny,” the late Roger Ebert noted in his review of the director’s cut. Written, directed and edited by British action-epic virtuoso Ridley Scott, the 1982 cult classic is famous for its immersive and detailed environments. Though Scott took on the role of producer for Blade Runner 2, allowing Denis Villeneuve to take over as director, the trailers suggest his signature        …read more