Sex Doesn’t Sell Anymore: Sexy Ads Give Way to Corporate Activism

sexy ads

The number of sexy ads is decreasing as brands embrace social responsibility in advertisements. Fashion brand Eckhaus Latta unveiled an X-rated campaign in March for their spring/summer 2017 collection. The campaign was shot by the Korean-German photographer Heji Shin and featured couples of different races and sexual orientations in the midst of erotic acts such as oral sex. The images are pixelated to hide the most intimate details, but there’s nothing left to the imagination. While the Eckhaus Latta campaign pushes the boundaries of acceptability, suggestive or sexual imagery in advertisements are not a brand-new concept. The level of eroticism in sexy ads has fluctuated over the years, coinciding with changes in the Western perception of gender, sex and pornography. But does sex still sell in 2017? In 1911 the soap company Woodbury launched an outrageous ad for its time. It showed a tableau were a man lightly embraces a        …read more

Madeline Stuart Rocks Down Syndrome Awareness, Launches Fashion Line

Madeline Stuart continues to storm the runway with a smile, inspiring diversity and Down syndrome awareness in the fashion world. When Australia-based model Madeline Stuart walks down the runway at New York Fashion Week, she doesn’t don a serious expression with a tailored walk. Instead, she celebrates. As she makes her way back up the runway, she holds out a hand for high fives. As a model and designer, Madeline Stuart promotes Down syndrome awareness by doing something she loves. How the Journey Started In 2015, Madeline Stuart recognized that Down syndrome predisposed her to a slower metabolism, which caused her to gain weight. She turned this fact on its head with her famous May 12 Facebook post, which announced her choice to live a healthy lifestyle and documented her physical transformation over an 18-month period. Her mother created social media profiles on multiple platforms and posted her before-and-after pictures,        …read more

Wardrobe Goals: 5 Gorgeous Vegan Leather Textiles

vegan leather

Vegan leather textile designers are ready to drape you in sustainable, beautiful pieces from head to toe. Since the dawn of humanity, animals have been used for food, clothing and even shelter (you saw The Revenant, right?). Times are changing, as more and more people — not just vegans — are shying away from purchasing animal-derived products, especially leather. Manufacturers and the fashion industry have taken notice. Vegan leather textiles are being produced and innumerable products made that will keep your closet filled with animal-free essentials. And if looking great weren’t enough, these products are also eco-friendly, made from all-natural or recycled materials, sustainable and in some cases helping impoverished communities create a new viable industry. When you’re in need of leather that never mooed, turn to these five options to get your vegan leather fix. 1. Piñatex: It All Starts with a Pineapple Pineapple is a fruit that evokes memories        …read more

How to Clean Shoes: 7 Tips from Sneakerheads

Sneaker addicts, here’s how to clean shoes and keep them looking new. Sneaker culture originated in the ’80s when Michael Jordan signed a lucrative endorsement deal with Nike and a hip-hop group named Run DMC dropped a song called “My Adidas.” These two moments undoubtedly linked fashion and hip-hop culture in a galvanizing way that changed music and the power of social engineering forever. Fast-forward to today, and sneaker culture has evolved into its own entity, transcending even hip-hop. It’s more than standing in long lines for the latest releases, flipping shoes for money or trying to stay up with the latest trends. Shoes are now shown in art galleries and museums while numerous books have been written on the cultural impact and political power of kicks. Wearing a clean pair of shoes is a crucial part of sneaker culture and something every sneakerhead takes great pride in. Whether you’re        …read more

Sustainable Fashion Is Serious Business

sustainable fashion

More and more clothing brands are making sustainable fashion, and we’re seriously happy about it. The textile industry is responsible for a huge amount of waste. Whether they’re end of the line, unwanted or simply forgotten, fabrics are thrown to the wayside with very little thought, left to gather dust or rot. Failing to pull in the same kind of headlines as plastic or other synthetics do, textiles are rarely considered part of the environmental game. And when it comes to upcycling fabrics for better use, many companies are blasé. Around the world, however, things are slowly starting to change. The sustainable fashion industry is gradually gaining traction, growing at an ever-increasing rate each year. Taking old fabrics and giving them new life, sustainable fashion paves the way for the future. Just what makes a brand sustainable, though? That is the million-dollar question, and by understanding it a little more deeply, we can        …read more

New York Fashion Week with Katie Gallagher and studioSPACE

fashion week

Escape into Fashion Week with Katie Gallagher’s ‘Hallow’ collection and an immersive design experience by studioSPACE. The night of February 9 was the run of Katie Gallagher’s 16th line, Hallow, an event in collaboration with a burgeoning local design company called studioSPACE. As a writer for Crixeo based in New York City, I took the journey to Projective Space to cover my first-ever fashion show for my first-ever New York Fashion Week. What I knew about the work of Rhode Island School of Design graduate Katie Gallagher was that it uses textural and color contrasts, tends toward strong shapes and incorporates a good amount of sheer fabric. studioSPACE, on the other hand, was new to me. The design team promised a supremely different space, art installations to parallel Katie’s work and projections to accompany the fashion show. A supremely different space it was. The studio tucked into a small nook of Chinatown,        …read more

95-year-old Iris Apfel Redefines What It Means to Have Style

Iris Apfel

All hail Iris Apfel, unofficial fashion icon. Every year the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) gives the Fashion Icon Award to someone who stands out for their style and individuality. Past winners include Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Rihanna and Johnny Depp. This past year, Fashionista editors playfully nominated Iris Apfel for the Fashion Icon Award but it was Beyoncé who took home the statue (which, to be fair, is completely appropriate). It’s sort of inconceivable that Iris Apfel hasn’t been recognized yet, so perhaps it’s time we petition the CFDA to name her the Fashion Icon of 2017. If you don’t know who Iris Apfel is, doubtless her name sounds vaguely familiar — or at the very least, you would probably recognize her if you saw her. Despite not being a designer for a large fashion house, an editor of a fashion magazine or a model, she        …read more

Women’s Fashion on TV Demonstrates Increasing Diversity of Roles

women's fashion

Women’s fashion on TV is as varied as the female characters portrayed. It used to be that if you were a woman in a TV show, you were probably either a casually dressed homemaker or a businessperson in a work-appropriate power suit — sometimes both. There wasn’t much variation in women’s fashion, from mom jeans to pantsuits, because they represented the miniature boxes that female characters were put in. Now, however, if you flick through channels or hop around on Netflix for a bit, you can see a huge range of women’s fashion on TV — and glean something about each character from a glance at her wardrobe. Women in current shows range from aimless stoners and twentysomethings to powerful boss ladies in expensive suits, women who are successful professionals but dress like slobs, and women who are successful professionals but dress like children. Broad City, Comedy Central Let’s talk        …read more

In Defense of the Daily Fashion Chameleon

daily fashion

Do you crave daily fashion transformations? There is a very large part of me that admires people who find a distinct sense of style for themselves and stick with it. Steve Jobs famously had an entire wardrobe of identical black turtlenecks and blue jeans because it eliminated the need for one extra decision every morning and freed up his mind for more important things. When you think of classic style icons like Jackie O., Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, it’s easy to picture each of them in a very specific outfit. Tim Mosenfelder / Stringer Even with the rising popularity of fast fashion, which makes it easier than ever to have an entirely new look within five minutes for less than $50, many celebrities today still prefer to stick to a self-imposed uniform. Take musical artist Janelle Monae, for example, who famously sticks to a wardrobe of black and white.        …read more

The Fashion Industry Is on the Cusp of a Major Evolution

body shaming

Get ready for a more diverse, ethical, eco-friendly fashion industry. If you could change one thing about the fashion industry, what would it be? Reasonable answers to that question range from making fashion more environmentally friendly to allowing for more inclusion of diversity in terms of sizing or ethnicity. One answer that doesn’t make sense, however, is “nothing.” Whether you work in the fashion industry, simply enjoy shopping and reading fashion blogs, or barely even shop at all, the fact is that the fashion industry affects all of us in many ways. It is almost impossible to disengage oneself completely from the fashion industry, which is why it’s vital for everyone to be aware of aspects of the industry that are at best archaic and at worst unethical. Happily, there has been a stirring of awareness of late. Brands and individuals have been trying to figure out how a love for        …read more