Fashion That Gives Back: 10 Charitable Fashion Stores

Luna Avalon

The concept of ‘buying things that give back’ has always been wildly appealing to me. I’m buying a gift for you, they’re giving a gift to someone else, and I end up feeling like a keyboard humanitarian, just clicking away in the name of materialistic philanthropy. But in a world of high advertising, of shopping malls and Targets (don’t get me wrong, Tar-jay is my jam spot) it takes some serious digging to find the small companies really pulling through for the greater good. Fair trade is wonderful, but unfortunately not everyone loves hand-beaded bangles and gorgeous Batik shawls. So, in the name of shopping for your friends and family who don’t dress like gorgeous hippies, here are 10 charitable fashion companies I am absolutely stoked to have found. From glasses to bags, dresses to jewelry, these businesses bring it hard and donate gloriously.

satya charitable jewelery

  1. Satya Jewelry ($$-$$$) Founded by Satya Scainetti, Satya Jewelry blends new age healing concepts with high fashion, creating a collection that is gorgeous, timeless and deeply personal. From her birthstone constellation medallions to her mandala cocktail rings, these pieces are elegant, well made and awaken awareness to some incredible causes. With her own Satya Foundation, she has partnered with many nonprofit causes, including the Animal People Alliance, Ashrams for Autism and the Manjushree Orphanage, creating an impact that has a global reach. My personal favorite is the Mercury’s Mayhem necklace ($69), a simple necklace featuring an evil eye and a piece of pyrite for some clarity and protection during those times when literally nothing seems to make any sense.


out of print charitable accessories

  1. Out of Print Clothing ($-$$) I’m not gonna lie — my inner nerd squealed when I stumbled upon this website. Pages upon pages of top-quality, soft tees emblazoned with the original covers of some of my all-time favorite books? Shut up and take my money. The best part? For every item sold, they donate one book through Books For Africa, supplying kids with much-needed reading material. Now excuse me while I sip tea from my brand-new Breakfast of Champions.


lokai charitable jewelery

  1. Lokai Bracelets ($$) I know you’ve seen ’em — the bubbly translucent charitable fashion bracelets on the wrists of your barista or super-hip young cousin. Well, these guys are onto something. Founder Stephen Izen wanted to create something that signified the lowest point in your life and the highest — thus, Lokai was born. Featuring a bead full of water from the highest point on our planet — Everest — and mud from the lowest point— the Dead Sea — these bracelets are meant to signify the balance in life. Ten percent of the net profit gets donated to environmental causes like the World Wildlife Foundation, American Himalayan Foundation and charity: water, and they make limited runs of special edition colored bracelets. But don’t hesitate: these guys sell like hotcakes (I still have yet to catch ’em).


elegant tees charitable tops

  1. Elegantees ($$-$$$) has one mission in mind — helping victims of sex trafficking in Nepal. This made my heart hurt and my ears perk up, and naturally I fell down the Internet rabbit hole, voraciously reading all about them. In a nutshell, this company rules. Started in 2010, Elegantees is the culmination of then-FIT-student Katie Martinez’s desire to help women in horrible situations. She partnered with the Nepali Rescue Project, which helps over 20,000 women and children out of trafficking every year, and together they teach, hire and empower these women, making them part of a team that creates some really beautiful clothing. For more information on this company, purchases or hosting your own Elegantees trunk show, visit


Charitable fashion outlets

  1. FEED ($$-$$$) Created in 2007 by former first daughter Lauren Bush, this company is designed to help nourish children in third-world countries where malnutrition is commonplace. Basically, she employs artisans in these countries and the US to create ethically sourced, super-awesome bags and tees, and then these sales feed the kids. Every item on the site tells you how many meals you supply for a child, and it’s hard not to fill your basket when faced with burlap bags dripping with stunning Masai beadwork and textiles. You’re not only buying a bag, you’re not only feeding hungry children, but you’re helping sustain a livelihood for the artisans and providing hope to all involved. This company is so beautiful, I can’t even make jokes.


sevenly charitable fashion

  1. Sevenly ($$) Imagine four people are just sitting around, hangin’ out, talking about important stuff, and then they’re like, ‘You know what? People matter.’ And then the other guys are like, ‘You’re so right. We should totally start a badass company off of that motto.’ And then BAM — Sevenly happened. That’s probably most likely definitely not exactly how it happened, but you catch my drift. Widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading ‘social goods’ companies, Sevenly picks a new charity every week, sets a monetary goal and goes for it by way of selling super-comfy and hip charitable fashion T-shirts. To date, they have raised over $4 million for innumerable organizations like The Young and the Brave, the Invisible Girl Project (aimed at stopping gendercide in India) and other social causes that, well, make people feel like they matter. Keep up with them on Instagram and shop away at


warby parker charitable fashion

  1. Warby Parker ($$$) Come, my fellow vision-impaired brethren, and hear about a land where, not only do your necessary goggles cost less than $200, but somewhere out there, someone who needs glasses gets a free pair. You heard me. Warby Parker not only carries the most stylish and comfortable frames but sends you several pairs to try on. You pick your favorite, mail ’em all back, send them your prescription, pay way less than at most places, and then you look cool as all hell. Meanwhile, they’re providing vision to those in need. It’s like TOMS for your face. Not only do they provide free glasses, but they also give training to people in developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell glasses at affordable prices. It’s a constantly giving wheel of positivity and sight, and I’m super into it.


fashion project charitable fashion

  1. The Fashion Project ($-$$$$) Every chic woman knows about discount and consignment sites that sell the hottest designer stuff with flash sales and such — it’s a lifeline. But did you know about the consignment site that sells amazing stuff discounted (we’re talking 60% off Lita boots here, guys) and then proceeds to donate up to 55% of that sale to charity? Yeah, me either. Allow me to introduce you to The Fashion Project, the genius baby of Anna Palmer and Christine Rizk, who wanted to blend the concepts of giving back with upcycling really good duds. Capitalizing on the consignment market, these ladies curate a site of excellent pieces and then donate charitable fashions to causes like Alzheimer’s, childhood cancer and animal rescues. Partnering with amFAR, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Neiman Marcus, these ladies are not only well respected in the fashion industry, but they’re angels to millions who benefit from their cause. Check them out at (and a premature high five to you for scoring that 80% marked-down Marc Jacobs wallet).


asos africa charitable fashion

  1. ASOS Africa ($$-$$$) England’s premier online boutique, ASOS is in the ranks of H&M, Zara and Topshop for the hottest clothing of the moment. Even more impressively, they offer a line of fair trade, sustainable clothing that employs underresourced communities, supports female education and pays fair wages. This was all achieved by partnering with SOKO, a socially responsible clothing manufacturer based in Kenya’s Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary. If that’s not enough, these unusual, timeless and beautiful pieces are seen constantly on celebrities, including our First Lady Michelle Obama. On their eleventh season of production, this line shows no signs of slowing down. Have a look at


lunaavalon charitable jewels

  1. Luna Avalon ($$-$$$$) I couldn’t make this list without including my own company and my inspiration for finding all of these other companies: Luna Avalon (pats self on back). I wanted to make unusual statement pieces that highlight the beauty of organic precious and semiprecious stones, and I could never find what I was looking for. Thus, the jingling, colorful monster that is Luna was born. From antique Pakistani belly-dance pendants to 1940s Navajo pieces, ceramic feathers and carved bone, I string together jewelry I hope makes people feel as good as it makes me feel to create it. Ten percent of every sale is donated to a number of this country’s animal rescues, including Florida Boxer Rescue, Ohio Greyhound Adoptions and the American Saddlebred Horse Rescue. Follow @luna_avalon_ on Instagram and check it out at (Shameless self-plug over.) End


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