At Crixeo, we believe in sharing a variety of perspectives from our community. We’re gathering diverse, creative contributors, and we pay a competitive rate.

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Crixeo \KREE-zee-oh\
  • n.: The intersection of life and art.
  • Origin: From the Latin creō, to create, and the Roman numeral IX, symbolizing the nine muses of literature, science and the arts.

Our contributors are overflowing with ideas to improve the earth, appreciate the underappreciated, make people laugh and spotlight incredible works of art. Sound like something you’d be into? Give us a shout.

We want…

  • Entertainment: Coverage of TV, movies, music, games, tech, sports, conventions, festivals, etc. 
  • Current events: Specific examples of art impacting current local, national, and world events and vice versa. 
  • Art improving lives: Specific examples of extraordinary art helping people, the planet, animals, etc. (Consider all forms of art: visual arts, architecture, fashion, entertainment, tech design, etc.)
  • Humor: Witty insights on life and art/entertainment.
  • Awareness: Powerful essays on important social and cultural topics.

Need more guidance on what we cover? Check out our monthly issues and social media pages.

Bring on your ideas!

Pitch us at If this is your first pitch to Crixeo, be sure to include a brief bio including relevant experience as well as writing samples or links to your published stories. Include a headline and clear description with each pitch. Include reference links and images if possible. We also consider complete, unpublished articles. If we want to pursue your pitch, we’ll be in touch!