The Circle Is Complete: How to Draw Darth Vader

With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story coming out this month, we at Crixeo thought it might be fun to show you how to draw Darth Vader (who will make an appearance in the film)!

When I get to work on one of my fun Star Wars illustrations, I use a sheet of copy paper and a #2 pencil and start sketching. Here’s my process…

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Step 1: Draw a circle at the top of the page, and add center lines for the middle of the head and for the bottom of the eyes.

Step 2: Make the eyes and an upside-down “U” for the nose.

Step 3: Draw a triangle for the mouth under the nose and a smaller triangle right under the top one. Then draw some wonky triangles for the cheeks.

Step 4: Next draw the helmet by starting at a point in the middle between the eyes and drawing a large “M” shape. Then connect that with a large upside-down “U” for the top of the helmet. Add a small “Y” between the center ridge.

Step 5: Add some lines in the middle of the mouth triangles, and add the neck curves. Draw circles at the mouth corners.

Step 6: Draw some light dotted lines from the “Y” on a diagonal to draw the eyebrow highlights. Add some “D” shapes (lying on their sides) under the “Y.” Then draw the mouth mesh and add tubes to the sides.

Step 7: At this point, Vader’s head is finished and you can work on adding the body shapes. Circles, rectangles and more triangles help to work out the basic forms.

Step 8: Add his legs and other arm/hand, and connect the cape with a wavy line along the bottom.

Step 9: Now you can start coloring in the black areas on Vader, adding more highlights as you go. By using different line directions, you can add more interest in areas like the fabric of his inner robes and his leather suit. At this point, you can even use a Sharpie marker to make the blacks really black; then color it in further!

When I’m finished, I put this on my lightbox table and transfer it to a sheet of 100lb Bristol board to ink. When in doubt about how to draw a character, search online for a great photo reference to get a better idea of the character. I hope you had fun learning how to draw Darth Vader! end

To draw a more realistic version of Darth Vader, please refer to the following time-lapse video:





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