Highlights Of Thirteenth version of the Medellin Book Festival

A tribute to Alexander von Humboldt, exercises of historical memory and conversations around the present of literature and a program dedicated to the comic and illustration are some of the highlights of the thirteenth version of the Medellin Book Festival.

National and international guests from more than 18 countries are part of more than 50 scenarios in which workshops, conversations and conferences will reaffirm the motto of the event: “We are all expeditionary”, as the diversity of themes and voices will allow the assistants meet again in other latitudes, at other times and in other stories that tell human nature.

The tribute to Alexander von Humboldt takes place in the Patio de las Azaleas of the Botanical Garden of Medellín. Indigenous culture, the study of flora and fauna, poetry and the action itself of the expedition are axes that cross this space dedicated to science and art through the legacy of the Prussian scientist who is celebrated 250 years of his birth.

Experts from 17 countries will debate in Medellín about the orange economy. “In Humboldt for the senses, the attendees will enjoy a fun and, at the same time, pedagogical programming, in which augmented reality is our main attraction. From the Institute we think of virtual reality as a possibility to the expedition and approach differently to literature.

Other geographical spaces or distant cultures. The Fiesta is an excellent opportunity to show our work through this multisensory activity, ”said the Director of Information and Library of the Goethe Institute, Diana Mignano.

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