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Recent Clinique Survey on the Truth in Behind Beauty Products

Women consider the uneven hue of the complexion as the biggest challenge in skincare, overcome only by the problem of wrinkles and expression lines, according to a Global Survey on the Truth in Beauty conducted by Clinique.

As an original brand, created by dermatologists, Clinique specializes in products that deal with specific concerns. The new Even Better Skin Tone Corrector, formulated for all skin nuances, is a light serum, capable of being applied in several layers.

Which creates a complexion with a noticeably more even color, helping to undo the visible evidence of the damage caused by the sun, stressed skin, age spots, hormonal changes and traces left by acne.

There is a growing tendency to consider that an even skin tone is identified with a youthful complexion. “There are potential emotional consequences that accompany the problems of abnormal pigmentation, especially because facial hyperpigmentation is difficult to hide.

When a person has a uniform skin color, he is not only considered attractive but subconsciously this is perceived as a sign of health, youth and fertility. ”

Clear and even skin in all its extension is something desired by all women, who aspire to a healthy, flawless and glowing complexion. No matter what the skin color, all women may have hyperpigmentation, which is often the result of different causes.

In the past, only ultraviolet (UV) sunrays were blamed, but today we know that hormonal fluctuations, stress, age deficiencies in skin cleansing, treatments with products that are too strong and the marks left by the Acne can also cause uneven pigmentation.

In fact, in women predisposed to skin discoloration, even in those with dark skin, it does not take much to appear spots and areas of uneven coloration, whose treatment usually takes a long time.

Clinique offers the skin a second chance with Even Better Skin Tone Corrector. This product, developed specifically for all skin nuances, can be used anywhere: on the face, hands or chest, and its results are seen within 4 to 6 weeks.

It removes visible discolorations and dark spots, and even prevents them from appearing again. Its action is smooth and uses a multifaceted technology that “attacks” the irregularities of pigmentation in key areas.

Decreases the discoloration caused by excessive pigmentation. Eliminates dark spots caused by an exaggerated production of melanin (which in turn is due to skin irritation), thanks to a gentle chemical exfoliation that achieves more even nuances in the skin.

Helps prevent, through powerful antioxidants, the appearance of new dark spots, generated by excessive melanin caused by irritation.

Of course, you cannot do without the Sun Protection Factor (SPF). UV exposure remains an important cause of uneven pigmentation. Clinique always recommends the daily use of an SPF of 15 or higher.

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