Seven Months and Eleven Days in illusion

We do not know if Wong speaks Spanish and does not matter much, what matters is the life of Abilio, who keeps intact his local accent and continues to use words that only understand in Colombia and sometimes only in Pamplona.

The explanations of the colloquial terms or phrases that you use to take more than one laugh in the reading and serve any reader regardless of their nationality.

What is a sandwich innocence of the protagonist when arriving in the city and adapting to local customs is universal, it does not matter to the country that emigrates. It is the typical Colombian without fear, which measures what life is giving, in a good way and in a bad way.

“There is nothing worse than being out of the house and bad, fucked up. Seven years, seven months and eleven days here in Barcelona. I’m leaving as I came, with the illusion of starting something new, but now it’s the other way around. ”

He knows that when people return he will be aware of his accent, that everyone thinks he spends it in museums, castles and bulls, that he drinks wine and eats ham. The fate of Abilio could be that of anyone arriving in this country with clean pockets.

“Everyone thinks everything is easier here, but they ignore that shit tastes the same everywhere.” Fortunately, he is a voracious reader of fiction and poetry who knows how to appreciate the company of books.

“As a migrant, you never finish leaving, you have never just arrived,” said Luis Luna Maldonado, writer, advertising creative and visual artist, winning the Clarín Award in 2017. Luna lives in Barcelona since 2008.

He knows from his own experience, such as Everyone who lives in this city, that the only thing they give here is parsley, the rest is work. For his part, while Abilio lived in Barcelona he had a friend: Don Pere a girlfriend Neus An exam Mariño and several acquaintances.

Each with a decisive role in the seven years he was out of Colombia. Maybe he learned something or maybe he didn’t, and it was just his life. The good thing about leaving your homeland is that you will always have a place to return.

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