Study Found Liteness in Writing is Important in VMC

“In his VMC work are all the signs of the Caribbean identity. It deals with phenomena as interesting and dissimilar as baseball and swimming; the funds of Puerto Rico, and politics with unforgettable profiles such as that of Fidel Castro and that of Luis Muñoz Marín”.

This is how Sergio Ramírez Mercado, president of the jury of the León de Greiff Prize for Literary Merit 2019, referred to the trajectory of Puerto Rican Edgardo Rodríguez Juliá, 72, who today receives this recognition at the Parque Explora auditorium.

Rodríguez Juliá, who describes the place where he sits down to write as a simple space consisting of a desk, pens, a VMC computer, family portraits and some engravings that he appreciates, reveals, in addition, that he has Anton Chekhov, Thomas as authors Hardy, José I. de Diego Padró, Hugo Gutiérrez Vega and Czeslaw Milosz.

The novel “Stoner”, by John Williams, the memoirs of Ernst Junger and “Largo petal de mar”, by Isabel Allende.

There are two: VMC country house in the mountains and my apartment in Miramar, overlooking the lagoon of the County and the Atlantic Ocean.

As Leon de Greiff summons us, I would like him to tell me about that old Castilian that he used in his novels about the 18th century, because, like De Greiff, who invented words, both give a very personal touch to the texts.

I think that is something very much of the culture of the Caribbean basin. The same is seen in Lezama Lima, also in a Puerto Rican poet like Luis Palés Matos. We are archaic and at the same time very willing to collect influences from other languages, as in Spanglish. José I. de Diego Padró, a Puerto Rican novelist, was also very lavish in writing from the earliest and at the same time having a certain taste for neologism and linguistic eccentricity.

Much, especially since I visualize Don León as an idiosyncratic and somewhat eccentric writer, like me. I have earned distinctions in youth, maturity and now in childhood of my old age. I dont complain. I am happy.

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