Environmental Issues is to Also Refer to Animals

Miriam at another time and in response to the question of the journalist Rafa Ruiz , in El Asombrario , about What is the feedback you receive from your students and what are the tools or content that motivate them the most.

“They react very well as long as they are taken into account, treated as active subjects and not passive objects , their response is very good, they get involved there is something that always motivates them.

The safe way to pay attention to environmental issues is to refer to animals. Any child empathizes with animals, feels tenderness, attraction and complicity towards them; They see them as their friends. If you want to talk about pollution by plastics in the oceans, the best way to reach them is through dolphins and whales. If you want to explain the impact of climate change and how the Poles melt, polar bears and penguins will be your best allies. It does not fail. ”

The contact with nature also allowed them to become aware that everything was not natural, that there was garbage, pollution … and again, as on other occasions, dialogue arose:

– Noa (student): “How dirty everything is! Why don’t you throw trash in the trash? ”
– Aaron (student):“ I don’t like to see the field like that. ”
– Miriam (teacher):“ Well, the things we don’t like have to try to change them, improve them … ”
– Laura (student):” We have to do something to make this change. ”

“ This week, on May 22, we have collected waste on the Louro River promenade. We left school equipped with gloves and garbage bags, and we already had instructions not to take anything dangerous, only containers, cigarette butts, etc. By the way, we have learned that each butt pollutes 50 liters of water. What happened.

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