Four-year child starts Zero Residue Program at School

At the end of the month in math class they analyzed the data of the registry and with them they prepared the corresponding comparative graph to observe the evolution of the process . It is not enough to have mathematical or linguistic knowledge. Knowing how to use them in real life, or teaching them how to use them in social improvement is part of change, of integral formation and of their process as active agents in the transformation of what they don’t like and want to change.

Environmental education allows a transversal, investigative and project didactic treatment ; The topics they address are basic and connect with all areas of the curriculum. A piece of news must be approached from the improvement of reading comprehension and can give way to a research and argumentation work, trying to answer in group and individually the question of why are swallows disappearing? As for the approach to mathematics , we have already referred to examples: there will always be figures to weigh in the study of climate change.

The oak in the hall mural was growing, but it was not enough for the ‘ Cooltureco’ to act in isolation, only they; They wanted to spread and act collectively . They invited other classes to join their “ Zero Residue ” program and got the children of the four-year child education classes and their teachers to join . Later, also the students of the fourth year of primary school.

They decided to participate in the ” Mobilize For The Jungle ” campaign , a program of the Organization of Dr. Jane Goodall . Each time they gathered 30 mobile phones, they were sent by mail; that gave them the right to sponsor a chimpanzee victim of deforestation. The fourth year students also participated in this initiative. They also sponsored an Arctic penguin.

They discovered Greta Thunberg , the young Swedish climate activist. He immediately became a reference for them; they could not ignore the Fridays for future movement because their sense of ecology was in full swing. From mid-February they stopped every Friday in a symbolic way in support.

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