Great New Pacific Garbage Patch Plastic in Sea

As it is easy to deduce, this professional attitude and this way of understanding the teaching work does not arise suddenly; It results from a long and continuous experience of teaching and ecological awareness, of which we will report some actions.

In 2014, news from Jovi Esteve , ‘ The seventh continent’ , about the first plastic island in the ocean ( the Great Pacific garbage patch, the Garbage Island or the Great plastic soup ) She was taken to the classroom. He aroused interest and moved the students’ willingness to change what they were discovering: “What can We want to clean the sea and do something for the planet”.

This is how the PlasticOFF project was born , which sought to provide content and ways to proceed in this awakened awareness for the care of Nature and the maintenance of ecosystems. The promoter and leader of this project was the teacher Miriam Leirós , environmental performer and collaborator on children ‘s issues and ecology of the publication ‘ on-line ‘ ‘ The Asombrario ‘.

In the following audio , you can hear a more detailed description of the purpose of ‘ PlasticOFF’ , the classroom and center work, the methodology used for ‘Project Learning’, the involvement of the center’s professionals, family awareness.

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