Recent Zero Waste of the Month of March

“We have already made the graphs of the residues of the March snacks. The graphics have turned out very well and there is very little total waste and recyclable waste. More and more we bring without waste We are very happy! Each time our tree has more leaves. ”

What do we do with the remains of fruit ? They are also waste. Within this initiative of ‘ Residuo cero ‘ ( #residuocero ) they decided to set up a composter , so the residue would be, indeed, zero. The decomposition would follow its natural cycle and, in science class, they could observe, after a while, those who lived in the composter .

They extracted compost and observed the arthropods, myriapods, etc., that inhabit it . One more evidence of how environmental education can be present in all areas of the curriculum with the simple performance of daily care and protection actions.

The composter allowed waste reduction . He avoided throwing organic waste in the trash, which otherwise the garbage truck would have to collect (the truck emits CO 2 ) and take them to a waste plant to burn them, emitting CO 2 again . The composter helped them reduce waste and toxic emissions, favoring the natural process.

“ Yesterday we were given a talk about what can and cannot be thrown in the composter. We have learned that it must have oxygen so you have to alternate layers of leaves or straw so that the decomposing microorganisms breathe and does not smell like rotten. They have also explained how to air it with a tool. We have also learned that the temperature can reach 70º at the beginning and after a few months it will remain around 30º. Today we have assembled the composter among all, this composter is made of recycled plastic from the tarps of industrial greenhouses .

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