Study Found Interesting Motivation 2X Always Works

– How do we calculate the minutes of the program and each section?
– What image, royalty-free we put in the background, while we talk?
– We have too much news, we debate to see which one we have …

These questions were raised among notebooks, folios, books, cameras … In fact, they were interested in content that usually overflows those of the official curriculum. “ I see them grow as people, beyond being apprentices, which in the end is the best you can feel as a primary school teacher, ” says Miriam .

Thus, culture and ecology were present in the classroom in a transversal and natural way . From the news of the environment and culture, they addressed different themes that, in turn, worked from different school disciplines ( Miriam students do not use textbooks as a sole learning medium, but as common material for help and consultation). They always prioritized contact with nature and the activities of knowledge of the environment, its protection and respect.

Simple activities, such as going out to the field to pick up leaves to make an herbarium, became exciting; approaching nature allowed to contemplate the true awakening of his senses. In Natural Sciences they studied the leaves, looked for them, collected, researched, classified and each student built their herbarium

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