ARTBO Continues To Be Main Engines of Art Market

Internationally renowned figures such as Aaron Cezar, director of the Delfina Foundation, of London, and Krist Gruijthuijsen, director of the KW Institute of Contemporary Art, of Berlin, are part of the curatorial team of the activity, which will have 13,000 square meters of the exhibition in the Corferias international business center.

In addition, space which opens this Wednesday night and opens to the general public on Thursday, “continues to position itself as one of the most important within the fair circuit in Latin America with its unique model of eight commercial sections and not commercial”.

The “Main” section will include 67 galleries from Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Spain, Ecuador, the United States, France, Mexico, Peru, Turkey, Venezuela and Colombia, among other countries.

Among the attendees are Luisa Strina Gallery (Brazil), Impacto Gallery (Peru), Violent (Ecuador) and Polygraph Graphic Work and Elba Benitez Gallery (Spain).

Among the representatives of the United States will be Leon Tovar Gallery, from New York, specialized in Latin American modern art and committed to the visibility of innovative artists.

The gallery will participate with works by artists such as Martin Blaszko, Sergio Camargo, Agustín Cárdenas, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Jesús Rafael Soto, Victor Vasarely and Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar.

In the “Projects” section, renowned contemporary artists will be presented, with the commercial representation of a gallery, which serves as a bridge with the performing art.

This area will be curated by Aaron Cezar, one of the most influential characters in the sector, who this year participated in the curation of the performance program of the 58th Venice Biennale.

One of the galleries that will be part of “Projects” will be DiabloRosso, from Panama, with the work “From the Ashes”, by Donna Conlon, a video that opens with an abstract image of what appears to be a small, apparently dead bird or dying, held by one hand.

This work invites reflection on the environmental crisis that the planet is facing and questions relations with the natural world, with a presentation of an image of the essence of nature, strong, tenacious and persevering, despite human beings

Also, in “Referents”, under the curatorship of Krist Gruijthuijsen, he will present works that broke paradigms and transformed the canon of art.

On this occasion, the works were selected following the inspirations of different artists, whether in musical, literary or cinematographic pieces.

According to Gaviria, “Referents” will try to identify the Colombian artistic community “through anecdotes, references and inspirations” from the work of four generations through Beatriz González, Óscar Muñoz, Nicolás París and Adriana Martínez, who will be the point of Departure of this group exhibition.

With “Site”, ARTBO will stimulate the viewer’s perception using works that transcend traditional exhibition formats.

In this section there will be performances, installations and sculptural pieces by Colectivo Atractor Another option to visit is “Foro”, an area dedicated to free talks and conferences with national and international guests who will discuss topics related to contemporary art.

This time the discussion will be based on the theme “15 years of ARTBO”, a concept that explores the recent transformation of the art scene from different perspectives and will feature the participation of figures such as collectors Ella Cisneros and Tiqui Atencio, and Artistic director of the Art Museum of Sao Paulo MASP, Adriano Pedrosa.

Also, “Artecamara” will show the work of 24 young artists and three Colombian groups, without commercial representation, who were selected through a national public call.

In “Articulate”, considered a place for experimentation and collective creation through workshops and laboratories, attendees will meet with the curatorship of NC-Arte, which is based on the space, role, artistic thinking, networking and process axes, and that will allow them to live a variety of experiences on interconnected topics.

Finally, “Book of artists” will show a selection of publishers and distributors of publications that work with artists that involve the book as a medium in their practices.

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