Myth Of Subway Cyclobuta Counter-Fault in Penalosa

Nothing as harmful as that short-term vision, and so ours, that something is something and worse is nothing. The award for the construction of the metro in Bogotá shows a planned effect, that of winning by resistance, fatigue or accumulation.

A system could have been approved by localities or even blocks, such as the cycloruta counter-faults with the indelible stamp made in Peñalosa , and there inside would not be lacking who was satisfied that it was necessary to start with “something”.

With that story they sank us in the backwardness from Pastrana and its trunk of Caracas to the fogged showcase of the inhuman Transmilenio that the city is suffering today.

It was so much the chatter and tease with the subway that it ended up becoming the campaign myth above other needs of the capital. And is not for less; The way the candidates have approached this situation speaks more of their mood than their entire platform and propaganda together.

Celebrating raging that award, promising irrational continuism as the two right-wing candidates have done, among the shadows of the advanced procedure, should leave those who had the vote ready for discipline or immediate convenience worried.

Concern that increases with automatic accessions and touches of representatives of other national powers, without asking for explanations for the loose ends and the just concerns that have aroused what, clearly, seems to be another chambonada, as it has given in rate popular wisdom when deciding whether to stay in them and with them.

Yes, these are works, of course, but above all, how to plan and execute them. No scorched earth, no absolute denial, no free and docile applause.

Once the accounts are made, there is a coherent of the candidacies. Still one in three Bogota citizens is deciding their vote knowing that it was enough of carameleo, but also of populists and mimetized independents who only see the short term. Oh, and they just ask you to stop insulting your intelligence.

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