Alejandro Sanz in his Caribbean Vacation with Girlfriend

Alejandro Sanz has taken a short break at LaGira, the tour that is taking him these weeks through America to enjoy the beaches of Tulum, in the Mayan Rivera, with his new girlfriend Rachel Valdes.

The singer has published photos of him and the place but not of the presence of his partner. It has been the magazine Ten Minutes who have obtained the images of the couple in which they are very affectionate as if they already did not care to be discovered.

At the beginning of October another magazine, that time ¡Hola!, Obtained images of the Colombian singer and artist on a beach in San Diego (USA) accompanied by Manuela, the oldest daughter of the musician. Rachel Valdes is next to Alejandro Sanz in this part of the tour, once she left Spain.

Rachel Valdés, 30, is an artist of Cuban origin who graduated from the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts in Havana in 2010 and at the Vermot Studio Center. The latter is a selective non-profit organization located in Johnson, city of the State of Vermont, which organizes residency programs in Fine Arts and Writing and is considered one of the largest in the United States in this type of discipline.

Valdes maintains a studio in the neighborhood of El Vedado, in Havana, but also distributes his work between the United States and Barcelona, ​​a city to which he travels periodically since that is where his son Max, five years old, lives of his marriage. with a Catalan some years older than her from whom she is divorced.

The singer communicated his separation through his social networks a little over three months ago “We are a family and we always will be. We decided to love each other forever and so it will be. The eternal has the complexity and the advantage of transforming the ways of loving each other in other directions, without destroying the love, loyalty and joint responsibility for our children.

Our family is above anything it is diverse and beautiful, like life and so it will remain. The world changes, we also, always lovingly. Thank you for respecting it. ” Raquel Perera and Alejandro Sanz began their relationship in 2007, two years after the singer separated from Jaydy Michel with whom he had married in Indonesia in 1999.

At first they kept their relationship out of the media focus and in January 2011 they announced that they were expecting their first child, Dylan, who was born on July 12 of that year. With the same discretion, and by surprise, the couple married on May 26, 2012, on the farm that the singer has in the town of Jarandilla de la Vera.

A link is not even known to family and friends who gathered there that day and thought they only attended the baptism of Dylan, which was celebrated at the same time as their marriage.

In mid-October, Perera talked about the new relationship of his ex-partner. She has been for years the person who has been behind the business of Alejando Sanz as part of the board of Gazul Producciones, the limited company that manages the singer’s business and businesses.

He has not clarified whether he will continue working with the artist, but he made it clear that Sanz, for now, remains among his priorities. “For years I have taken care of his and now I have to make sure that he will be fine,” he told Heart magazine.

Perera is now preparing to start a new life in New York, although it is not known if he will devote himself to his true profession, psychology, and comments on the publication that does not close to love, which seems essential in the life of anyone.

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