Abilio Ayala Finally comes to Barcelona

Abilio Ayala is a Colombian who comes to Barcelona, ​​to seek fortune, to escape from something, to fulfill a dream? Maybe all of the above. In his hometown, Pamplona, ​​he was smuggling, also to find out who murdered his older brother while he shared a bed with Miladys, a who loved him and handed him books left in his room by old clients on the condition that he read him to her from time to time.

Now, in Europe, you get off the subway at Plaza Cataluña, which is required on September 11, 2001, when the attacks on the Twin Towers have just occurred and in full celebration of the Diada, the National Festival of Catalonia.

That afternoon begins the small tragedy of the immigrant in maintaining legal status and, where appropriate, a short time later, another more universal and variable: love.

After seven years, on his last day in the country, Abilio sits at the bar counter and starts talking to the owner, a Chinese named Wong, who seems to hear it, or not really, who seems to understand , or not really.

The owner is aware of the customers, dries glasses, cleans the floor, serves rods and other trades typical of the ubiquitous neighborhood bars in Barcelona. This is a place that he usually frequents to watch football matches and while he tells his life to the barman he looks sideways at Barça, but he is from Spanish.

He will always drink four beers with a foam finger, but that afternoon he is ready to finish the barrel. Wong knows how to listen and Abilio tells him the reason why he arrived and why he will leave in a hilarious and at the same time bitter monologue called:Here they only give parsley (Alfaguara, 2019), by Luis Luna Maldonado.

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