Latest Less Assistance Diada in C minor

As it was discounted, the independence concentration of the Diada was very nourished, which attests to the broad social nucleus attached to that ideal and that continues to express a socio-political problem that requires political channeling.

The disaffection caused by the independence of the parties that run it. The requirement of “strategic unity” reiterated in the parliaments of the organizers recognized, on the contrary, that the dominant note of the moment is that disunity, or the return to pluralism, from unanimistic monolithism.

No matter how much voluntarism they contribute, that division is also here to stay, because the different parties seek to refine their different profiles and compete with each other, because their diagnosis of the process already differs seriously between the pragmatists and the unrealistic and because the failure of the autumn 2017 attempt cauterizes all possibilities in the short and medium-term to impose secession the common project is broken, the different programs are logically resurrected.

Actually, although the internal rupture crystallized when the declaration of independence of 27-O of 2017, Republicans and post-convergents had tried so far to pretend their absence; The novelty of this year concomitant with the impression of many protesters yesterday is that this fracture has become official.

Although they survive a sleepwalking Government, fractured in two, an asthenic parliament of a secessionist relative majority and an irrelevant and self-discredited president for his anti-institutional activist zeal.

The low tone of the day was also expressed in the resignation of the Catalan National Assembly, the convening entity, to “set deadline” for independence, a gesture of realism opposed to its campaign against companies and banks that do not kneel before it.

Which is completely illegal in a market economy, especially since competition legislation. And the general conviction also contributed that these concentrations, which once saved the Catalan political agenda, already lack that virtuality and have become a liturgy for the faithful, with no greater impact than the visual one.

This aggressiveness against the independence of justice is poorly sympathetic to a democratic attitude and engages with that practiced by Polish and Hungarian authoritarianism, or by the new British autocrat, Boris Johnson.

The moral minimalism that implies and the double rod of measurement is revealed in that, the day before, the Government boasted of having won in 2018 72% of the lawsuits in which it was involved and the same 72% of those sentenced by the always vituperated Constitutional Court. So if the arbitrator rules in your favor, they praise you. And when he does against it, they try to humiliate him.

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