LP to Win WFC This Season With High Points

Who will stop Klopp Liverpool this season? The only team that seems to have taken the measure is the City of Guardiola. In the last three clashes between the two, there was a tie and two victories for the ‘citizens’. Of rest, those of Klopp seem to pass over the world without problems. Liverpool’s last defeat in regular time was that 3-0 against Barca in the last Champions League semifinals. And, really, in that match those of Klopp were superior. Then we all know what happened in the game back in Anfield.

Liverpool do not lose at home 42 games. It was in April 2017, 2-1 in front of the Crystal Palace. A huge figure. He has what many consider the best goalkeeper in the world, Allison. He has Van Dijk, a candidate for the golden ball while still a central defense, and in Alexander-Arnold and Robertson he has two of the most promising sides in Europe. And well, the top three, ManĂ© – Firmino – Salah, are all among the exclusive list of shortlisted strikers for the FIFPro World XI (the best team of the year according to FIFA) that will be announced in January 2020. Possibly the best offensive trident of Europe.

In the Premier, the ‘reds’ were a steamroller in the second half of last season. They won the last nine league games, and of the 19 that played since the beginning of January, they lost only one. At home they only received seven goals. A relentless machine. They were not champions because it turns out that Guardiola is a genius and his Manchester City never tripped. So he didn’t lose the tip.

But it is unlikely that City will keep the same pace this season. Too many matches are already accumulating at a very high level, and wear has to be noticed sooner or later. In addition, the City has more and more pressure to win the Champions League, so it would not be unusual for it to leave the league a bit sideways to focus more on the international tournament.

Perhaps the most worrisome thing for Liverpool’s rivals, however, is that the team continues to improve. The machine evolves. It is getting stronger back, more unbalanced, more effective on offense. In this new season of Premier has won the four games he has played. He is the leader of the table with 12 points. Did anyone expect something different? Something really out of the ordinary has to happen for Klopp’s to lose points. They already showed it last year.

It is not a group that is complicated by small teams closing behind him (something that Madrid and Barcelona suffer too much, for example): Burnley tried last weekend and lost 3-0. Nor is it a team that hesitates when faced with a good level opponent who is coming at a good time. Arsenal visited Anfield last weekend – an Arsenal that was motivated, with two wins online – and went 3-1 down. The reds won without complexes. Almost without complications.

The City vs. Liverpool this season is going to be a must. At the height of the Spanish Classic. November 9, 2019, and April 4, 2020. Take note. If those of Guardiola do not win the direct duel to those of Klopp, Salah and company certainly escape.

And finally, in Europe, I can’t think of a team that can take Liverpool out of the race. Juventus is in a period of transition and adaptation after the arrival of Sarri, its new coach. The same goes for Madrid with the arrival of Zidane. A great Barcelona could not defeat them last season, for whatever reason (many speak of a psychological issue rather than football as the cause of the comeback). With PSG you never know, usually in the Champions League disappoints, and I see Bayern one step further down in terms of level. He also crossed into Liverpool last year and was out in eighths after losing 3-1 at home.

With the Champions League just a few days away, and the Premier League already well underway, Liverpool seems capable of winning everything. At least it’s the impression it gives.

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