Cooltureco Project To Launch Zero Waste Program

The sixth graders began to feel ‘agents of change’ After an exhibition and a debate in the classroom about whether the solution is recycling , they conclude that it is not the best solution. If we generate little waste, it would not be necessary to put in place so many recycling mechanisms, garbage trucks, recycling plants … that are also polluting: ” The best waste is the one that is not produced .”

This type of collective reflections served to launch, within the ‘ Cooltureco’ project , the “Zero Waste” program . With this initiative it was intended that in the ‘snacks’, before the morning recess, the least possible residue be generated.

It was Carla , a sixth grade student , who was in charge, one of the days, of counting and classifying the waste, something they do daily, five minutes before recess. In this work , everyone participates and rotates week by week .

They honestly raise their snacks and show them. With the name of ‘total waste’ they refer to the use of single-use plastics, which wrap the industrial pastries, aluminum foil … to all those difficult-to-recycle packaging. This residue usually use little.

In this case the students who had brought drinkable yogurts, juice bricks or plastic water bottles raise their hands. And finally. Most students proudly lift their lunch boxes and water bottles.

Carla writes the data in the waste book . It is not penalized to generate waste (perhaps this is one of the reasons for the honesty of the answers). However, it served to visualize the effort to buy in bulk and not use individual containers, introduce a healthy snack in a lunch box or in a tupper.

Every Friday, the data of snacks without residue was higher than the previous ones , and It was reflected by sticking a leaf in the oak of the hallway mural. At the end of the year the oak tree was able to be leafy .

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