Locate Pages to the Management Pollution Effects

Miriam evokes the development of this project they were organized in three working groups, rotating each student for all. One of them we called ‘ Ecowebs’ and they were the commissioners to surf the internet, locate pages related to the management of plastic and polluting effects , then upload them to the corresponding tab of the blog.

They took ca re of the aesthetics of the blog, located and used images on ecology of the Pinterest platform . Another, ‘ Econoticias’ , looked for and selected in the digital or printed press news about plastic and its sequelsfor the environment, they analyzed and linked them in the corresponding tab.

They also selected videos of ecology and prepared awareness exhibitions aimed at the rest of the groups in the center. The third, the ‘ Recycling’ , was responsible for lowering the three collection buckets into the yard : one, for stoppers, another for drinking containers and another for ‘other plastics’ ”.

Before the end of the recess, they weighed the different garbage bags they had collected and recorded the weight on a digital table, disseminating the results at the end of the week.

The fate of plastic waste varied. The plugs, for example, which is a material appreciated for recycling, were sent to the cap bank of ‘ Baixo Miño (Banta) ‘, with which they were in contact. There they selected the recyclable caps, which were sold, and the economic benefit was destined to the help of minors with rare diseases .

It was in 2017 when the new curriculum proposal, to which we have already referred, emerged, to integrate culture and ecology into several teaching sequences: The ‘ Cooltureco ‘ project .

– Miriam : “ Nuria and I tried with this project to raise awareness, which seemed asleep. We were sure that once awake they would become agents of change in defense and care of the environment. In the project ‘ Cooltureco’ our students have started on the ‘biology of ecosystems’, looking for news and telling their concerns and findings in a television magazine . They were the ones who selected the contents, while doing exercises and math problems, writing and oral presentations

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