journalist Cecilia Orozco in Area Magdalena Medio

I have taken note of the column of the journalist Cecilia Orozco about me, on which I have the following comments. I belong to the third generation of a livestock family that owes everything to the Colombian Magdalena Medio. It all started with my grandfather José Ramírez, whose entrepreneurship and effort in that beautiful area of ​​Colombia, but plagued by interests of various kinds, are due to the living conditions of which we have enjoyed his progeny.

My father, Antonio Ramírez, was an important leader of conservative thinking. As Orozco, he was educated at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, in my opinion one of the best that the country had at that time, graduated from Law and Economics.

He was a professional partner of important personalities of the country, such as Dr. Mario Laserna, founder of the Universidad de los Andes, with whom he shared a lawyer’s office on Jiménez Street.

He was a professor at the Universidad del Rosario, representative to the Chamber in a short period by the Conservative Party, Secretary of Government of Caldas, accompanied the immolated leader Álvaro Gómez Hurtado during his career in politics and was Secretary of Internal Control of Álvaro Uribe Vélez in the Government of Antioquia, among other dignities. And of course,

However, back in the country my father was killed by paramilitary groups. As a political figure in the Middle Magdalena, he dared a candidacy for mayor of La Dorada (Caldas) at a time when the region was characterized by the territorial domain of paramilitarism (2000) and it was these who threatened him to withdraw When he did not access his charges and his request, he was murdered, as recorded in the judicial process that the journalist may consult (2011).

I am deeply saddened that this terrible panorama in Colombia is repeated today after two periods of government with major security initiatives, the country had recovered the conditions for the performance of the policy.

Thanks to my father’s business activity, I had the guarantees of an excellent education. I am a proud lawyer from the University of Medellín (September, 2009) to whom I must have a scholarship twice to deepen my studies in Public Law at the Universidad del Rosario, an outstanding university where I achieved academic behavior according to the circumstances.

I returned to Bogotá and specialized in Negotiation (April, 2013) in which I consider one of the best business and administration schools in the country, Universidad de los Andes. My academic performance at that university allowed me to continue studying, graduating my Master in Administration (Universidad de los Andes, February 2018).

All this, With great effort and while sharing my graduate studies with the professional performance of lawyer and political analyst in a recognized radio program, where Colombians listened to me along with Dr. Fernando Londoño, of whom I have great memories and to whom I owe all my admiration and respect for his sacrifice for the country.

And by the way, I have continued in the business inherited from my grandfather and my father, with a great love for the Colombian countryside, for the softest step horses in the world and for contributing to my country, as those who made me do. preceded

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