TikTok Entertainment App Installing Decrease since Past 2 Weeks

TikTok, the viral short video sharing application run by Chinese startup ByteDance Inc., recorded a drop in global user downloads for the first time since its launch two years ago , according to new Sensor Tower data according to new Sensor Tower data TikTok Faces Download Decrease since past 2 weeks.

The application accumulated approximately 177 million new users in the Apple App Store and Google Play for the third quarter that ended in September. The figure represents a 4% decrease compared to the previous year.

It is the first time that the successful application notes a drop in new downloads quarterly, the mobile data provider said. In total, TikTok has been installed by about 564 million users so far this year and has been installed 1,450 million times since its launch. Other technological news today Google is accused of creating a tool to quell protests

ByteDance has invested large sums of money to advertise TikTok on Facebook, essentially buying users away from its biggest rival. However, the company seems to have reduced that expense recently.

According to Sensor Tower, TikTok was the main advertiser for installing Facebook applications in the United States for four consecutive quarters, until it fell from the Top 10 in the second quarter. This coincided with a sharp decline in the increase in new users in the country, from 182% year-on-year in the first quarter to just 16% in the second quarter. A spokeswoman for ByteDance said TikTok does not comment on third-party figures.

“With the expansion of any application, there is always a time when it stabilizes, especially for TikTok that had grown tremendously,” said Alvin Foo, managing director of Reprise Digital, an online marketing agency based in Shanghai, under Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. “They should be more concerned with monetization and evolution.” TikTok withdraws propaganda videos from the Islamic State group

Yesterday, an employee of the platform informed AFP that it was forced to eliminate ten accounts that published propaganda publications of the jihadist organization Islamic State (EI). “Only one of those videos had, before being removed, a number of two-digit views,” said the employee, who demanded anonymity.

The videos showed, among other things, corpses exhibited in the streets and EI fighters, according to The Wall Street Journal. The messages came from about twenty accounts, identified by the Storyful agency, specializing in information from social networks.

“The contents that promote terrorist organizations have nothing to do with TikTok,” the company said. “We will impose a permanent ban on any such account and any terminal to which it is linked,” he said.

The “caliphate” of the IS in Iraq and Syria fell in March, but the organization is still active in several countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and continues to inspire jihadists thanks to its presence on the Internet.

“The IS messages violate the TikTok rules, but the large volume of content (disseminated by the application) makes it difficult for TikTok to monitor its platform and eradicate these videos,” said Darren Davidson, editor of Storyful.

The platform is one of the few examples of a Chinese social network that has achieved worldwide success. ByteDance, based in Beijing, is the largest startup in the world with a valuation of US $ 75,000 million according to CB Insights.

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