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Pageant of the Masters

Breathing Masterpieces: The Pageant of the Masters

Here’s what it’s like to take ‘The Grand Tour’ through the Festival of Arts’ Pageant of the Masters, where paintings come to life before your eyes. For 85 years, the Festival of Arts (FOA) in Laguna Beach, California, has been captivating guests with its welcoming atmosphere, talented artists, and their unique creations. What started in 1932 as a way for artists to raise spirits during the Great Depression and hopefully sell a little art to        …read more

Justin Roberts

WWE’s Justin Roberts Takes Us to the 'Best Seat in the House'

Former WWE announcer Justin Roberts on his career and his new book, a must-read for wrestling fans. As a boy who was captivated with the art, athleticism and pageantry of pro wrestling, Justin Roberts had a childhood dream to work for the WWE. With no map before him, he tenaciously set out on a journey to make his dream come true. Little did he know when he began that his dream job would be filled with        …read more

The Best of Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con 2016

Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con is a three-day spectacle of comics, video games, sci-fi, fantasy, horror and pure awesomeness. My favorite part? The people. Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con 2016 (formerly known as Comikaze) is a pop culture lover’s dream come true. Held annually at the Los Angeles Convention Centre, this three-day spectacle of comics, video games, sci-fi, fantasy, horror and pure awesomeness attracts over 75,000 of the most hard-core fans looking to get their        …read more

Queen Mary

In Search of Ghosts Aboard the Haunted ‘Queen Mary’

Would you spend a night on a haunted ship? The prospect of spending a night aboard the Queen Mary, the most haunted ship in America, is either a dream come true or a nightmare, depending who you ask. When my wife and I had the opportunity to explore the eerie corridors and historic decks of a ship bigger than the Titanic, we jumped at the chance. The Queen Mary has been in operation in one form or        …read more

A 360° View of the Reality of Wrestling

On Saturday, May 14, 2016, at the World Gym Arena in Texas City, Texas, the stars of the Reality of Wrestling (ROW) made history. Working with the talented crew of Diamondview Studios, the 360° Crixeo Camera captured all the hard-hitting entertainment of the epic Fatal 4-Way match between Terrale Tempo, Mysterious Q, Bryan Keith and champion Rex Andrews for the ROW Television title. For the first time ever, you can feel, hear and see all        …read more