Ana Ionita

Ana Ionita is a writer who travels searching for inspiring places. She recently left London and moved to Tenerife. When she is not writing, reading on the beach or snorkeling, she’s in the kitchen trying to discover new recipes. She loves words, food, the sea and art. She’s in love with Salvador Dalí but sometimes cheats on him with Banksy.

Posts by Ana Ionita

What’s So Important about Culinary Art?

In celebration of a unique art form that dazzles the senses: culinary art. Food is an important aspect of life, and I’m not referring to mere survival. Yes, we must eat in order to survive, but delicious and well-presented culinary art makes life fuller. Imagine eating just sandwiches for Christmas or not having turkey for Thanksgiving! Food is so important for humanity that we’ve made it the center of most of our celebrations. Food is        …read more

Muse- Music Therapy

Turn Up the Music Therapy

That moment when a tune becomes music therapy. Whenever I hear somebody sing “Puttin’ on the Ritz” I vividly remember how this song was like music therapy for me a couple of years ago. I can actually feel the emotion of that evening when I was completely lost in sadness until I heard the music. Then my mood changed instantly. Back then I was just happy to be in a restaurant where a great band        …read more

Street Art

Street Art Fixes Everything

To cure what ails you, we prescribe a walk through the city. I have always loved traveling, but my perception about visiting new places used to be different than it is today. What changed the way I see everything? A short trip to one of the most beautiful Spanish cities: Barcelona. Many people might believe that its multicultural atmosphere, delicious food and people’s desire to enjoy life give the city a special vibe. Yes, all        …read more