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Bradley Don Richter lives in Felton, California, where he writes, teaches music and plays in several bands. He and the band Still Searchin’ recently recorded an Americana and bluegrass album.

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James Franco movie

How the ‘Citizen Kane of Bad Movies’ Inspired the New James Franco Movie

The 2003 drama ‘The Room’ is widely regarded as one of the worst films of all time, which is exactly why it’s the subject of the new James Franco movie. James Franco knows a thing or two about bad movies. On Rotten Tomatoes, several of his many projects have been labeled “rotten” by critical consensus. (As much as I may personally enjoy it, Your Highness sits at a rotten 27%.) But what about the new        …read more

learn music

Feeling Like an Old Dog? 5 Tricks to Learn Music as an Adult

It’s never too late to learn music! My piano student Jane is nearing a nervous breakdown. To help her learn music intuitively, I’ve just explained that I’d like her to experiment by holding down the sustain pedal and improvising with random black keys, which form a pentatonic scale. In an attempt to inspire her, I suggest the dulcet, though accidental, harmony of wind chimes in the breeze. She tenses. Her fingers curl into fists. She        …read more

Tom Petty’s birthday

Remembering a Legend on Tom Petty’s Birthday

On Tom Petty’s birthday, October 20, we remember 6 reasons why we loved the man and his music. I’ve been listening to Tom Petty since the womb. My mom is undoubtedly his biggest fan. She calls him, simply, “Thomas” and always has. My first concert? Tom Petty. The first time music brought me to tears? Tom Petty. My first crush? The girl from Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’” video. That “good girl” who loves her mama,        …read more