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human experimentation

Human Experimentation: Medical Research Gone Disturbingly Wrong

Did you know about these 6 horrible cases of human experimentation that actually happened? Throughout history doctors largely have been viewed as trustworthy healers and caregivers of the sick. And while historically, most scientists and physicians have observed the moral and ethical lines dictated by their profession, a few, unfortunately (no doubt in an attempt to gain notoriety or scientific insight), have resorted to inhumane, barbaric methods — namely, human experimentation. Here are just a        …read more

mental disorders

7 Little-Known Mental Disorders

These 7 lesser-known mental disorders affect more people than you may realize. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), approximately one in five adults in the United States experiences a mental disorder each year. While the most common mental disorders include anxiety and occasional bouts of depression, many individuals face lesser-known challenges, including the following seven conditions. 1. Trichotillomania Trichotillomania is a disorder that causes an irresistible urge to pull out one’s hair,        …read more