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Candy Chang’s Interactive Street Art Experiments

Through chalk, stickers and murals, Candy Chang invites the public to reflect, connect and transform their communities. Since 2006, multitalented artist Candy Chang, who holds degrees in urban planning, graphic design and architecture, has created 21 different urban experiments. Chang’s simple but powerful changes to public spaces invite people to share their innermost thoughts about themselves and the communities they live in. Chang uses chalkboard paint, murals, Post-it Notes, door hangers and graffiti stencils to        …read more

history of graffiti

The History of Graffiti: A Love Story

From ancient tombs to city walls, the history of graffiti is a rare and valuable glimpse into everyday human life through the ages. The story of graffiti is as old as when humans decided to band together and live in villages. The need to leave a mark, to say, “I was here,” can be found in Egyptian tombs, on the walls of the ancient city of Pompeii preserved in lava, in medieval churches. The American soldiers        …read more

classic car

Classic Car Enthusiasts Celebrate History, the Open Road and Community

Classic car enthusiasts share a unique bond. Over 60 years ago, Bill Waddill took his just-painted flaming-red hot rod and added some weight to the back to meet the race entry rules, and a car went over 200 miles per hour for the first time ever. America’s love of driving and the wide-open road is built on an admiration for well-designed machines and the people who build them. At the end of a tree-lined street        …read more

These Architects Build Volunteer Opportunities and Hope

Architects Without Borders provides volunteer opportunities to build communities, schools, jobs and hope. Each day as the sun breaks over the horizon in Bata Atha, a small coastal village in the South of Sri Lanka, men row their boats toward the dry sandy beaches and wade through the clear azure waters carrying woven baskets full of fish, crab and prawns. The loss of one man’s life could mean financial disaster for a family. The day        …read more