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Broad City season 4

Broad City Season 4 Is Must-Watch TV

With Broad City season 4 returning September 13, it’s time to look at what makes this daring pair so appealing. Look beyond the bong hits and vagina jokes. Peek under the layer of slapstick pratfalls and booze-addled rooftop parties. Comedy Central’s Broad City is a love letter to many things, like New York City, success in an era of uncertainty and, most importantly, friendship. And we’ll find out with Broad City season 4 if those odes        …read more


Movie Buffs, Meet Your New Favorite YouTuber: The Nerdwriter

Evan Puschak, aka the Nerdwriter, has gained a massive YouTube following with his videos showcasing what makes great art. I’m in a YouTube wormhole. And I don’t want to leave. First, I’m on Omaha Beach, watching bullets zip through the air to strike American soldiers in Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. A voice-over explains how Spielberg expertly mimicked war footage to ensure the fictional film felt as realistic as possible. And then I’m clicking        …read more


Zealandia: What You Need to Know about the 'New Continent'

Scientists have uncovered a submerged landmass two-thirds the size of Australia, which has implications for climate science, biology and how Zealandia could be designated a continent. If you could drain the Pacific Ocean, you’d be staring at the lost continent of Zealandia, which is 18 times larger than New Zealand. Although 94 percent submerged, Zealandia, a large region in the southwest Pacific Ocean underlain by continental crust, is gaining momentum to be dubbed a continent,        …read more

Top 7 ‘Holy Shit!’ Moments of ‘Game of Thrones’

Season 7 of the HBO fantasy series arrives July 16, so let’s relive the 7 most jaw-dropping scenes from ‘Game of Thrones’ so far. MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR SEASONS 1-6 AHEAD! [caption id="attachment_13315" align="alignnone" width="865"] The Red Wedding is one the most surprising moments in 'Game of Thrones.' HBO[/caption] What’s made Game of Thrones an enduringly popular TV series — and the most pirated, in fact — is the many twists it plants in almost every        …read more

imaginative art

Craig Davison’s Imaginative Art Carries Us Back to Childhood

Is adulting getting you down? Escape to simpler days with Craig Davison’s imaginative art. A boy swings a cane at another boy holding a pipe. Other children tussle behind them. But even farther behind those kids, two shadows emerge, displaying the story behind this play-fighting: Luke Skywalker battling Darth Vader. This Star Wars homage comes from Craig Davison, a 51-year-old artist based in Ludlow, a market town in Shropshire, UK. Davison is known for capturing        …read more

multimedia artist

Multimedia Artist Sara Erenthal Explores Displacement and Liberation

Sara Erenthal is a NYC multimedia artist who ran away from her ultra-Orthodox upbringing to truly find herself. “When I grew up I didn’t feel like I was worth much and didn’t feel like I was good at anything,” says Sara Erenthal, a 35-year-old multimedia artist living in Brooklyn. Her statement is relatable to any teen unsure how to navigate impending adulthood, but Erenthal’s story is unique. Erenthal grew up in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in        …read more

latest inventions

Turning Superhero Weapons into Reality: The Hacksmith’s Latest Inventions

An exclusive peek inside the lab of Canadian engineer James Hobson, whose latest inventions include working Captain America shields, Wolverine claws and Iron Man thrusters. Every Little Boy is a Superhero. The sign hangs in engineer and YouTube star James Hobson’s tricked-out garage. As he presents his latest inventions to the public, the words appear to sum up his mission statement. Hobson, a 26-year-old living in the sleepy town of Kitchener, Ontario, about an hour and        …read more

horror documentary

The Ultimate Horror Documentary

Horror documentary ‘Fear Itself’ reveals philosophy behind scares. “Tiny specks of light become spirits. The smallest hint of movement is an intruder, ready to attack.” As a woman narrates these words in Fear Itself, a new horror documentary from 24-year-old filmmaker Charlie Lyne, a scene from Post Tenebras Lux drifts across the scene. A child meanders through a muddy field, flanked by dogs, a haunting dusk sky in the background. It’s an obscure film, albeit        …read more