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VPN app

5 Things You Should Know before Choosing a VPN App

A VPN app shields your passwords, bank account info and browsing activity, but how do you choose the right one? So what’s a VPN app and what can it do for you? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) app or service is a versatile, inexpensive tool that can decrease your chances of being hacked and prevent unwanted entities from watching everything you do online. It’s like a security wrapper or a private tunnel for your data only        …read more

data security

8 Easy Data Security Tips for the Insecure Mobile Device

Keep your gadgets secure with these quick data security tips. The world we live in has dramatically changed even over the last five to 10 years. Everything is seemingly connected to every other thing, and convenience now rules the day. Unfortunately, when you make things convenient for the end user, that usually means they’re easily compromised by the bad guys. So how can we keep our gadgets safe and ensure data security? Password Protect Your        …read more