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Getting Gruesome

Author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson on bringing his first book, ‘Johnny Gruesome,’ to the screen. How long would you hang on to a dream before you allowed it to die? In the winter of 1984, at the tender age of 19, I took a break from my wearying life as a movie theater manager and film school dropout in New York City and returned to my snowy hometown, the village of Fredonia, one hour south        …read more

love canal disaster

The Curse of Love Canal

The worst environmental disaster in US history inspired a new horror novel. Usually when someone asks me, “Where did you get the idea for this novel?” I find myself retracing footprints through my mind. Ideas for novels rarely arrive fully formed on a red carpet; more often, they form as nebulous, shape-shifting concepts that collide with other ideas, reform, gestate, mutate and finally arrive on a plate resembling an altogether different meal than I had        …read more