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7 Skills the Human Race Is Unlearning

Unlearn as if you were to live forever. Whether or not it’s due to technology, there are certain things society doesn’t know how to do anymore. “Unlearning” may seem like it has a negative connotation; however, research indicates it’s clearly a part of adapting to change — and even learning. Simply put: We tend to forget how to carry out practices that we don’t need and that fellow humans aren’t pushing us to use (Vanderbilt        …read more

Christmas music and movies

’Tis the Season: Disturbing Christmas Music and Movies That We Enjoy Anyway

Nothing spreads the holiday spirit like eviscerating Christmas music and movies. Everything pumpkin spice is (thankfully) on its way out in favor of peppermint. And despite some autumn decorations still being up, we’ll soon be overwhelmed by Christmas music and movies. While some of us will be busy arguing whether it’s “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings,” we’ll blissfully ignore the fact that some Christmas pop culture staples are pretty, well, offensive. Here are six examples        …read more