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Bristol Renaissance Faire

Explore Her Majesty’s Empire at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

Forget the modern world and step back into history at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, one of the very best Ren faires in the world. For 30 years now, the fictional town of Bristol has enticed many a patron with its charm and beauty. Selling the finest corsets, the town’s best ale, and even flowers for your sweet, over 200 Bristol Renaissance Faire merchants accommodate your every need. Kids can also enjoy exciting games and rides and be        …read more

The Circle Is Complete: How to Draw Darth Vader

With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story coming out this month, we at Crixeo thought it might be fun to show you how to draw Darth Vader (who will make an appearance in the film)! When I get to work on one of my fun Star Wars illustrations, I use a sheet of copy paper and a #2 pencil and start sketching. Here’s my process... [smartslider3 slider=8] Step 1: Draw a circle at the top of the        …read more

haunted attractions

Asylum of Fear: The Creative Process Behind Haunted Attractions

These haunted attractions will bring your worst nightmares to life. As I moved deeper through the rooms of the house, they became less familiar. The darkness was obviously creeping in, to the point that I didn’t want to keep going. When I had to leave the bedroom through the girl’s closet, I knew trouble lurked in the next room…the attic. Pushing open bookcases, opening trunks and moving through the house in between the walls is        …read more