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Jeff Mclane is a Los Angeles–based actor and screenwriter. He began his career by contributing to Catalyst Games Labs’ role-playing game series Shadowrun.

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Blade Runner film

‘Blade Runner’ Is Still Stunning 35 Years Later

The original Blade Runner film changed moviemaking and culture forever. Philip K. Dick was one of the world’s most “unacknowledged science fiction writers of our time,” Brian Aldiss says in the documentary On the Edge of ‘Blade Runner.’ Dick wrote against the grain of modern science fiction. In a time of space-trekking heroes conquering unknown worlds and saving alien damsels in distress, Dick was writing about the human condition and experiences of the mind. One        …read more


Dracula the Folk Hero

May 26 is the 120th anniversary of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula,’ whose title character may have been inspired by a 15th-century monstrous and heroic ruler. We all know the clichés. The pale-moonlit night. The deep fog drifting over graveyard monuments. From out of the thick, foreboding darkness, a tall foreigner strides forth wearing a tuxedo. A high-collared cape encircles his neck. Slicked-back hair accentuates a widow’s-peak hairline. Alabaster skin glistens in the gloom. Iconic, accented words fall from red        …read more

fairy tales for kids

Fairy Tales Are More Than Entertainment

Fairy tales are much older and much grimmer than we thought. They’re also much more beneficial. Once upon a time…someone first began a story with this iconic phrase that now conjures magical images — witches, giants, dragons, talking animals, ogres and fairies. Once upon a time…someone imagined heroes and heroines who persevered against insurmountable odds to achieve lives of joy and love for the rest of their days. Once upon a time…people told the stories        …read more

American cartoonist

The Artful Lives of Charles Addams and Edward Gorey

These iconic American cartoonists showed us death isn’t just macabre or inevitable. It can be...funny? “When I die, I wanna go like my my sleep...unlike the passengers in his car.” Did you laugh the first time you heard that joke? Did you feel bad about it? Well, you shouldn’t have. Enjoying the joke doesn’t make you bad or insensitive. You’re not laughing at the idea that an elderly man passed away in a tragic        …read more

The Crow Death Rattle

As ‘The Crow’ Flies

How James O’Barr created one of comics’ most iconic antiheroes, The Crow. Imagine being in love, the kind of all-consuming love that permeates you. Imagine the freedom that comes with letting someone completely know you and the stunning revelation that they love you for all the things that make you who you are. Now imagine that love violently stolen in an instant. Everything is lost. What would you do? Would you spiral into despair? Turn        …read more

Silent Film Feature

When It Comes to Movies, Silence Can Be Golden

Watching silent films enriches the modern cinema experience. If silence is golden, then the birth of silent film was a eureka moment for the entire world. In 1872 a railroad baron named Leland Stanford had an interesting idea. He wanted to prove that when a horse is galloping, all four hooves are off the ground at one point in its stride. This was a rather eccentric hypothesis at the time, and he and photographer and expatriate        …read more