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King Kong

The Evolution of King Kong

How 'King Kong' effects artists have awakened the beast for 85 years. For nearly 85 years, King Kong has been a famous movie monster, battling dinosaurs, biplanes, Godzilla and man. This godlike ape is a formidable force with a sensitive side and a penchant for blondes and tall buildings. Kong has been created using a variety of special and visual effects techniques to get movie audiences to suspend their disbelief and embrace his otherworldly dimensions. From        …read more

marijuana edibles

Elevating the Craft of Marijuana Edibles

These marijuana edibles are an artistic endeavor of connoisseur status. As recreational marijuana legalization progresses across the United States, people may opt to smoke it, but having cannabis in your favorite candies, snacks, drinks and more makes consuming this drug a pleasure for your taste buds. The marijuana edibles market is booming, and it’s not some random person cooking up a batch of brownies in their kitchen. Professional chefs are establishing an edible art form        …read more

virtual reality movies

A Glimpse into the Future of Virtual Reality Movies

Virtual reality movies will change the way we see ourselves and the world. Virtual reality has found a home in mainstream entertainment, but you won’t find virtual reality movies in a theater. Instead, for now their unique offerings are on display at festivals and special events. Virtual reality movies thrust you into the action in a whole new way by giving you the opportunity to exist outside your personal reality, changing your persona or even        …read more

art therapy

8 Sports and Art Therapy Organizations You Should Know

These 8 organizations use sports and art therapy to help people facing challenges like homelessness, autism and PTSD. Sports therapy or art therapy may not be something you’d immediately consider pursuing when help is needed, but maybe you should. The American Art Therapy Association finds art therapy can help people “explore their feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem.” The benefits of art        …read more

Valentine's Day gifts

7 Extraordinary Valentine’s Day Gifts

Flowers die, chocolates melt. But these 7 unique Valentine’s Day gifts — from tattoos to sexy art kits — will amp up the romance. For Valentine’s Day you could buy your special someone flowers and chocolate, or you could get creative and give them an artsy gift unlike anything else their friends are posting pictures of on social media. If you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to scour the internet or hit the mall looking        …read more

Museum of Broken Relationships

From the Back of My Drawer to the Museum of Broken Relationships

At the Museum of Broken Relationships, I took a stroll through other people’s donated memories...and I was not prepared to feel this way. Stack of books. Stuffed teddy bear. Old sweater. Diet guide. Woman’s slip and thong. Trophy. Diapers. Old cellphone. Pair of jeans. Rusty Jeep. On the surface these items have little meaning, but when you attach a memory and an emotion to such items, they develop into something entirely different. The meaning you imbue them        …read more


The Undeniable Sexiness of the Catsuit

And the women who make it fierce. Everyone loves a catsuit, the form-fitting costume that hugs each and every curve without forgiveness. The catsuit has made its mark throughout film history, in various stylings and designs, and the women who slither their way into it are strong, sexy and always commanding of attention. The catsuit has been sewn on or zipped around numerous unforgettable female bodies, and if you had to choose a costume that        …read more

drone photography

Stunning Drone Photography from around the World

With drone photography, the sky isn’t the limit; it’s the destination. We try to capture the perfect photograph in many ways: lying on the ground, using a selfie stick, leaning dangerously over an edge or simply moving one step to the left or right to block the sun. While smartphones make it very easy to snap and go, drones are changing the photographic landscape in a huge way. Drone photography opens a photographer’s scope to        …read more

31 Best Star Wars Tattoos in the Galaxy

Looking for inkspiration? These are the Star Wars tattoos you’re looking for. The Star Wars cultural phenomenon continues to grow with the eighth live-action film hitting theaters December 16: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Nearly 40 years after the first Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, fans have proven Director George Lucas wrong: “I didn’t think the film was going to be a success,” he said at a Tribeca Film Festival panel.        …read more

unique artist

The Mystery of Christopher Kuster, the Unique Artist Who Paints by Teeth

He calls himself Motor Mouth and makes amazing car art with a paintbrush held in his teeth. But where is this unique artist? There is a uniqueness to every artist. It’s more apparent with some than with others. One unique artist took a tragic accident and turned it into a life-changing event. Following a swimming accident in 1992, a then-21-year-old Christopher Kuster was paralyzed from the chest down with no feeling in his hands, fingers        …read more

porcelain dolls

The Female Gaze in Violetta Melnikova’s Porcelain Dolls

Violetta Melnikova’s hand-sculpted porcelain dolls are “an ode to the beauty of everything that it is to be a woman.” All art undergoes transformations, and your childhood memories of porcelain dolls will forever be altered thanks to Russian-born artist Violetta Melnikova. With hand-sculpted, ball-jointed porcelain dolls she has subverted the norm by creating dolls that take on intimate meanings, expressions and alternate realities — that are clearly not intended for children. In fact, that’s why        …read more

Japanese art

The Healing You’re Looking for Is under ‘Open Sky’

I booked a flight to Naoshima, Japan, to enjoy Japanese art — and discovered the therapeutic power of James Turrell’s ‘Open Sky.’ Set nearly entirely underground to avoid impacting the gorgeous scenery of the Seto Inland Sea, the Chichu Art Museum in Naoshima, Japan — an island dedicated to modern art — welcomes visitors seeking artworks that span multiple disciplines. The museum is, in itself, an architectural masterpiece by Tadao Ando, which by design uses natural light to        …read more

erotic art

People-Watching at an Erotic Art Theme Park (Definitely NSFW)

So this is what happened when I visited Loveland, an erotic art sculpture park in Seoul, South Korea. You don’t visit the Louvre or Guggenheim Museum to watch people; you go for the art. Should you find yourself at a theme park dedicated to erotic art and sexuality, in all its provocative and hilarious forms, you might think the other tourists would be the last thing you’d want to see. I did not intend to        …read more

Nadja Garacic Wave Art Projects

5 Art Projects by Teen Activists around the World

These art projects draw attention to important issues around the globe. Imagine this: You’re a modern-day teenager who can hoverboard to school, Snapchat your entire day, see where your friends are at any given moment, become a YouTube sensation with no more equipment than the phone in your pocket, and you’ve never been to a public library because — hello! — the internet. The sheer volume of time-consuming possibilities teens have makes my head hurt.        …read more