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Synesthesia: Some People Really Can See Music, Taste Words, Hear Color

The rare and misunderstood neurological condition of synesthesia inspires both artists and scientists. Seeing music. Hearing color. Tasting words. It may sound impossible, but for a subset of the population, it is actually possible for them to do these things. It’s called synesthesia, a rare neurological condition where the stimulation of one sense produces an experience in one or several other unstimulated senses, even emotion. Kanye West claims to be synesthetic and the artist Melissa        …read more

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This Prosthetics Designer Wants Kids to Be Kids

So he’s helping them create the coolest prosthetics we’ve ever seen. When Carlos Arturo Torres set out to create his award-winning IKO Creative Prosthetic System, his main objective was to design prosthetics that would “let kids be kids.” But as he set out to create the system, he discovered, and has since helped bring awareness to, the deficiencies in pediatric prosthetics. “One thing I found is that there are basically no prosthetics for kids,” the        …read more