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Handmaid’s Tale

Hulu’s ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Adds Depth to Riveting Dystopia

Hulu’s stunning adaptation of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ takes us further into the complex lives of characters from Margaret Atwood’s timeless story. “Does he know what the Commander and I did last night — our illicit journey into the world of triple-word scores? “Does he care? “I think he does.” Elizabeth Moss’s voice turns daring, teasing — it lends a boldness to Offred, Margaret Atwood’s main character in the novel The Handmaid’s Tale. Never before has Scrabble        …read more

the OA

Untangling the Truth in 'The OA'

Can you tell reality from delusion? Netflix’s hit show 'The OA' leaves us guessing. Do you believe in angels? Responses might range from chortling to reverent: the curt no, the exuberant yes and the protracted maybe. But chances are, most have asked themselves this question before. Would you believe someone who told you they’re an angel? This is the kind of question to ask at a party if you’re wondering which guest is the most uncomfortable        …read more

Black Mirror

Why ‘Black Mirror’ Should Be the Next Thing You Watch on Netflix

Want to render a group of twentysomethings speechless? Look no further than the opening act of ‘Black Mirror.’ The first time I watched Black Mirror (season one, episode one, “The National Anthem”), I was sitting in a science fiction class. As the plot unfolded and the situation on-screen grew increasingly dire, I found myself wondering how far my professor had chosen to push the limits of a state-school curriculum. The answer: pretty damn far. “The        …read more

Buffalo, New York

Art Scene in Buffalo, New York, Reignites ‘City of Lights’

Buffalo, New York, is known for its recession, but its enduring art scene is reviving the city. They call it the Skyway: a massive overpass that twists through the air, carving a path between 20-story buildings and the shores of Lake Erie. Try driving on it in January, when the city of Buffalo, New York, is likely to be blanketed in snow, battered by subzero winds, and fresh off a less-than-satisfactory NFL season. At any given moment someone somewhere        …read more