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Tony Award

5 Tony Award–Winning Scores for Your Spotify Playlist

The Tony Awards are coming soon. Here are 5 Tony Award–winning scores to belt out in celebration. Recognizing over seven decades of excellence in theatrical performance, the Tony Awards — named for Antoinette Perry, cofounder of the American Theatre Wing — are considered the height of prestige for a Broadway production. And the most important aspect of that recognition is a standout musical score. From the romanticized ballads of Rodgers & Hammerstein to the eclectic overtures        …read more

Oscar nominations

Top 5 Oscar-Nominated Performances by Previously Unknown Actors

Remembering 5 scene stealers who earned Oscar nominations and rose from anonymity to stardom. Founded in 1929 to recognize the crowning achievements of US cinema, the Academy Awards have celebrated exceptional filmmaking for nearly a century. Films have come a long way in that time, from manually rotated motion-picture slides to sophisticated visual effects and computerized images. The history of the Academy Awards has been marked by unforgettable vignettes and even occasional upsets, but no        …read more

Changing Our Dialogue: How Female Solidarity Can Treat an Epidemic of Eating Disorders

Women are the hardest-hit by a pandemic of eating disorders. Can we reverse this dangerous trend? According to the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA), an estimated 20 million women across the United States exhibit behaviors consistent with anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, binge-eating disorder and other forms of this life-threatening condition. Despite nationwide surveys pointing to increased public awareness and medical resources, new eating disorder cases have been emerging since 1950. In fact, this issue is often        …read more

Sundance indie films

5 Most Unconventional Films Ever to Debut at Sundance

As the 2017 Sundance Film Festival opens this month in Park City, Utah, we look back at five maverick-minded must-watch indie films. Established in 1978, the Sundance Film Festival has become the apex of American independent cinema. This institution recognizes the radical, artistic and often quirky facets of indie culture, offering emergent filmmakers a creative and free-expressive medium outside the mainstream Hollywood parameters. Beyond the commercialization of major production companies, this niche market focuses on        …read more

Emmy winners

5 Emmy Winners That Changed TV

These Emmy winners impacted the TV landscape over the past 20 years. From its black-and-white pixelated origins to the evolution of network primetime to modern digital streaming à la Netflix, television has dominated the entertainment scene for almost a century. This mass media outlet revolutionized how people consume information, engage in popular culture and make sense of the human experience. But while television at large continuously frames our social awareness, certain programs have risen above        …read more

destination wedding

10 Underrated (But Perfect!) U.S. Cities for a Destination Wedding

Plan a dream destination wedding in the U.S. According to data compiled by The Wedding Report, the U.S. destination wedding market is currently a $16 billion industry. In fact, an annual 24 percent of couples opt to exchange wedding vows amidst ocean vistas, rugged landscapes, urban skylines and other exotic backdrops — a number that continues to increase throughout 2016. While Hawaii, Las Vegas and Key West boast the trendiest nuptial venues in the United        …read more

female artists

5 Game-Changing Female Artists

Meet 5 female artists shaping the postmodern creative movement. Within recent decades, the societal shift toward gender equality has gained momentum in various cultural pursuits — including the global art scene. In fact, an unprecedented number of women are currently establishing a foothold among the most recognized and influential shapers of today’s postmodern creative movement. From ­graphic design to multimedia assemblage to experimental film and theatre — from the abstract and surreal to the stripped-down and        …read more